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NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?


How modern? Who gets to make this decision?It’s important who makes the choices, because the world view of one person is going to be vastly different than another’s. I don’t think I can answer this one at all. Everything that comes to mind is at least two or three decades out of fashion!

I could go on a rant here.  I could talk about the way our US Constitution is being shredded; about the millions of babies we have legally “terminated,” about the complete breakdown of morals and standards that used to be universally accepted.  I could, But I won’t.

I suppose the most amazing advances of modern times would be in the field of electronics. There’s something new coming out every day, it seems.  It’s hard to keep up, unless you have piles of discretionary money sitting around waiting to be spent.

Along with technology, there are also advances in medical science. People are living much longer today than they were 100 years ago.  They’re not always cogent, because of diseases like Alzheimer’s, and it’s sometimes hard to know if we’ve really gained anything by living longer. The body keeps going, but the  brain no longer can keep up. Still, we’re seeing wonderful things being done for sick children, and even the treatment and rehabbing of veterans is pretty astonishing, if they can just stay in line long enough to get help.

Okay, you can see I’m feeling a little  blah about this prompt.  Cynicism has set in, and I’d better stop before I create more trouble than I want to deal with.


7 thoughts on “Blah

    1. Thanks. As you can see, I have some pretty strong opinions. Not everyone here shares them, and I’ve tried to stay away from controversy and just have fun on this blogsite. Today? I don’t know. Maybe because I just read the news and it wasn’t pretty 🙂

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        That could be it, but I find disagreements the best part in any kind of conversation it keeps it healthy and gives different perspectives of the same concepts, helps boost the awareness and thoughts of others very healthy but its interesting how these differences make up who we are and what we believe. Something that works for me might not work for others. Then again I do like to observe.


      2. I don’t mind a civil conversation, but I just despair when people can’t disagree without name-calling, foul language, and hatred. I don’t want to create a forum for the haters, you know?

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        Very true, I can understand that we have got to be ok as a society with people having their different methods agree to disagree and keep everything smooth, my mother always said why get mad over an opinion that has no control over you.

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  1. Maybe we should send our antiques? 🙂 Or send a device at various stages, showing its development. Send an old box on the wall phone, candlestick phone, rotary dial phone, push button phone, cell phone and I-pad, so whoever (I use the term loosely—who’s out there looking, anyway?) finds this can see how far we’ve come.
    Since NASA is doing this, and NASA functions in English — and English is such an inter-linguistic mishmash — send along a copy of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary together with an up-to-date Webster’s. (Not that anyone out there will be able to decipher it, but they’ll at least be able to see the difference in thickness. 🙂 )

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