When in Trouble, When in Doubt….

In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?


Run in circles, Scream and shout!

My reaction to crises has changed a great deal over the years. I used to feel very nervous and edgy, and would even tend to get nosebleeds when I was under pressure.  Growing up, rearing children, experiencing normal life events–all these things tend to take the edge off.  In fact, these days, I tend to just get very quiet and to pull inward when I’m confronted with a crisis.  I don’t react at all until I’ve had some time to process, and if the situation requires immediate intervention, I can do that, too. I don’t get all shaky and stressed until after the crisis has passed.

Someone has to stay sane, after all!  Terry is very good in a crisis, too. He’s capable of calmly setting about to do whatever needs to be done.

Am I happy with the way I react these days?  Sure.  No one wants to be Chicken Little 🙂



4 thoughts on “When in Trouble, When in Doubt….

  1. Anne

    I used to be the “inward” ride and pray the crisis out kind of person. Til after almost 20 years of someone making a crisis out of everything including anything about ME. Trying to learn to not to take their “chicken little” opinions quite so…to heart.

    Anyway, the following has nothing to do with this post but rather an older post that I can’t find at the moment…but I’ll try to make it work some way 🙂

    Once upon a post you said (paraphrasing) that you tried to avoid comments when reading certain kinds of news, etc. because they became so ridiculous and ugly so quickly. So I understood and nodded my head in kindred agreement. Well, imagine my laugh when I dug up a recipe for a dessert on the internet. Innocent in thinking I’d get any extra tips in the comments section, I then found it getting ridiculous quickly. “You moron! Don’t you know thus and such is the better appliance to use.” “How dare you post such a recipe that is JUST the reason America is getting fat” “How can I ever trust you again when that is FAR too much sugar”. All kinds of uncivil disagreement for a RECIPE. Anyway, I immediately thought of your observation and thought you might find that funny in a “sad state of affairs” light-hearted way!

    Now how to relate that to this crisis post so I don’t look off topic. Think think think. It’s a sad day when people can’t even handle the crisis of a recipe gone awry or the crisis of disagreeing over the best blueberry cobbler recipe. Win some, lose some. To each his own. As it was, that moronic fattening recipe turned out quite…well 🙂 Though I was tempted to go back and comment “You’re all a bunch of crazies!” But I barely escaped temptation and chose to save my energies and time for any more important crisis, and better things to focus on…like another helping of cobbler and making mental note to come tell you 🙂

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    1. Ann, thanks for making me laugh! Good grief! I do believe that social networking has made us forget all our manners.

      I remember the post you’re referring to, but a couple of quick search tries didn’t bring it up. Doesn’t seem like it was too long ago, within the last couple of month.


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