Wishes and Horses

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?


If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. . . .

Honestly, I waste very little time in wishing anything had been different/better in my past. Sure, there are things I regret, but there is absolutely nothing I can change.  Not in my own childhood, not in my children’s past. Done. Gone. Learned from, not forgotten, but not dwelt upon. That leads to nothing but regret, sorrow, and depression unless the memories one dwells upon are only of the sunny variety.

Instead, I choose to focus on today. It’s the only thing I can affect. I pray for wisdom in all my dealings, both with clients and anyone else I see during my day.  I pray for God’s patience, forgiveness, and kindness.  I pray that I will have learned from my yesterdays so that I don’t repeat what I regret.

I look forward to my tomorrows, however they may play out.

But I do not wish things had been different, because that wish has no possible reality in today or tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “Wishes and Horses

      1. Yes. And I have HOPE that he is still alive! Even more so in heaven than on earth! (And “hope” in the bible is not like hoping for a pony on your birthday. It more like faith: complete confidence that something is true but not yet seen. Not like wishing.)

        And I know that part of healing through grief is coming to the point where I do not wish a different outcome because I can see God all over this. Some days I am there. Not all the time. But some days.

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  1. You’re a wiser person than I. I do spend far too much time wishing I’d been smarter, more obedient to the Spirit, kinder to others, etc. And I’m sure my quality of life would be better now if I’d exercised more. But no, wishing doesn’t change anything.

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  2. Anne

    What is a horrible feeling is that you think you DID learn from the past and stepped out on faith or hope, wisely eagerly innocent on a very simple level…something that, even after hindsight, should have had no repercussions of any nature. Stepping out and doing with learned confidence for all the right and good reasons…and, out of nowhere, it’s used against you and potentially changes the rest your life that you thought you had found again. Leading one to not know what to make of today because there is nothing that can be wished about yesterday (even learn from it, if learning is to even be doubted)…and wishing for tomorrow even seems again, futile.

    I guess things are too deep to express. I read this post the other day in a lighthearted way…thinking…ha, I made the past mistake of not reading your blog for too long (and missing the humor), I’ve learned from that 🙂 Or I had learned that if given the opportunity to potentially make a friend, I should have done so…and how good to get a second chance to make that right. And I had definitely learned to not look back as God brings reassurances that it is only time to look ahead. Or so you thought. Sometime the “sunny variety” Sometimes “if you close your eyes” and not think at all, it’s the only way to continue on for the moment.

    Sorry…I’m usually perky and forward thinking. And I usually have NO use in looking back for ANY reason, nor have I been one in many long years to do “hope” or “wishing”. I guess it’s a part of life to struggle with at times. Hard to only think of the “sunny variety” of memories at times. And this learning a good lesson to do a good thing–having hope or confidence that there is every reason to…to have it turn out bad…is a very new one to me. Or, wait. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe that’s why I learned to never wish or hope in the first place…oh, and I didn’t learn my lesson again. It sure is wonderful to have those seasons of being eager for today in living for tomorrow.
    Like a carefree child. It is hard to learn again and again, the “Day by Day” concept even in the most…trusted situations. Some things you cannot but wish you had done differently…even the simplest of GOOD things can lead to the life changing heart breaking results.

    “I pray for God’s patience, forgiveness, and kindness.”
    As well as the one offended. That’s what I’m working on “today” to affect.

    “I pray that I will have learned from my yesterdays so that I don’t repeat what I regret.”
    And that it’s not too late, that too much hasn’t been lost.

    “I look forward to my tomorrows, however they may play out.”
    How I wish I could say that. It’s like I’m right in the middle of the whole cycle of past, present, future of an “out of the blue” “mistake” and ramifications. For now, I would love “tomorrow” to prove me wrong on what I fear I have done, but…I fear to find out otherwise, too.

    Did you think a simple post could turn so philosophical? And on a Saturday, too! Forgive. Blog on 🙂

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