My Dream

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?


True story:  When I was about three years old, I remember  not wanting to fall asleep.  The reason for that?  When I did fall asleep, I would have the same dream every night.  First I would hear rhythmic footsteps, faintly at first and then louder and louder.  They would speed up a little bit, too. And then my mind created a monster, or a witch, or something else very scary that was chasing me.  I would try to run, but couldn’t get my feet off the ground.

Just before IT got me, I would wake up crying.

My poor mom and dad didn’t have any idea what was causing these dreams.  This was way before we had a TV, so it couldn’t have been something I’d seen there.  Maybe a picture book? There didn’t seem to be any answers.

Then one night my mom decided to sit by my bed while I fell asleep, and here is what she saw:

I would roll to my right side and tuck my hands under my ear. Image result for sleeping child, hands tucked under head

Ka-thump. . .kathump. . . kathump. . . .

What I was hearing was my own heartbeat!

Problem solved.  No more scary dreams. I learned to enjoy the sound, once I understood that it wasn’t a monster  🙂


5 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. LOL, that was funny and cute but I imagine scary at the time huh? I had a lot of crazy scary dreams. One recurring dream was I being chased by a bull with fiery red eyes and I couldn’t move. I would run but kind of like running in place.

    1. Yes, I remember being very scared. It was so real, sound effects and all! Your bull with fiery red eyes? Sounds to me like you’d been watching too many Ferdinand the Bull cartoon 🙂

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