Not a Clotheshorse

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.


I never wear anything tight, short, or low.  Makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t want to be unable to breathe or move comfortably.  I don’t want to be tugging at my hem to cover myself.  I don’t want people  looking down my cleavage.

I dress professionally when I’m working, but I’m also comfortable. Loose, but not baggy. Nothing that is going to have me fussing with it all day.  I like jewelry, and I always wear it when I’m working or otherwise dressed to go out.

At home, give me my jeans and a tee, but again, not tight.

So.  I don’t know what my style is.  I know what I like, and I shop by color first.  When I spot a color I like and that I know works for me, that’s what I pull off the rack.  I like dresses, and the maxi-dress is wonderful for me.  Makes me look a little longer.  I’m only 4’11,” so a short skirt just makes me look stumpy.  Nice slacks also tend to stretch me out a bit. And I have to watch how it all balances, because I’m way overweight.  Don’t want to emphasize the obvious. 

I really don’t think about my clothes too much.  After all these years, I go with what I like and pay almost no attention at all to fashion.  I tend toward the conservative and the classic, I guess.  I don’t get new things very often, because I like what I have.

I just wish I didn’t have as many sizes hanging in my closet as I do.

I would wear this outfit, but the pants would be looser.

2 thoughts on “Not a Clotheshorse

  1. Ha ha, you sound like me. I’m 4’8″ and overweight too. Shopping for clothes, especially pants, is beyond challenging for me. Most of the times, I have to buy pants from the adult section and then come home and cut off several inches of each pant leg. Although I like to dress for comfort, sometimes, even that’s not an option.

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