Chores? Snores!

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?


I inherited my mother’s aching back, but I did NOT inherit her joy in housework. She loved to clean.

I hate it.

You would have done better to ask me what household chore I DON’T mind doing, and my answer would be the laundry. It’s the one routine, never-ending job that I actually take pleasure in doing. I even make my own laundry detergent with washing soda, Fels Naptha, and Borax.  Smells wonderful.  Works great.

Of course, if I had to do laundry the old-fashioned way, with a scrub board and a tub, I might not enjoy it so much. The real work for me is done by my machines.  Still, I have to pretreat stains, sort for color and fabric, fold, do a little ironing, maybe a little mending.

There were some years, early on, when I used a wringer washer, and I kind of got a kick out of that, too. Those were also years when I didn’t have a dryer, so hanging out the wash was a weekly event unless it was impossible to do so because of weather.  Then, there were lines in the basement, and everything dried as stiff as a board.   I sprinkled what I would iron on the next day. It was a lot more work, but I was young and full of energy.

Something I started doing years ago, when there was a LOT more ironing to do, was to pray for the person who’s garment I was working on. I still do that, and it’s just Terry and I now. Still, it makes the task a pleasure.

Other cleaning chores?  Just a drag. Boring, boring, boring.  I hate to dust more than anything. I’d rather scrub toilets than do the dusting.  And I don’t like making the bed, because it makes my poor back hurt.

All those chores do get done, but not as often or as well as my mom did them. Blah.  I’d rather read a good book 🙂


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