Please Keep it Private!

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?


Things that make me squirm:

1.  Husbands and wives berating each other in public

2.  Couples sucking face and putting hands in private places–in public.

3.  A child being screamed at in public .

4.  A parent being screamed at by a child in public or anywhere else.

5.  Seeing someone I know get pulled over by a police officer.

6.  Watching an elderly person being scolded because of the impatience of a service person or a caregiver, or          anyone else who is irritated by the slowness of said elderly person.  In those situations, I have been known to intervene.

7.  Seeing a server in a restaurant being humiliated by an angry diner.

8.  Seeing a rude server humiliating a customer.

I guess that just about covers it.  I am rarely embarrassed by something that happens to me in public.  It’s usually worth a good belly laugh.  But I really hate seeing other people being embarrassed, or doing embarrassing things.

PS:  I wrote this at 9:30 this morning, forgot to put the pingback on.  Sigh.

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