The Letter “P”

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.


Prudence pranced down the pave pathway, picking pretty posies.  Pretty soon she came to a tiny cottage adorned with pinks, petunias, and phlox.

Prudence pounded on the portal, praying to be let inside. Patience, the little old lady who lived there, opened the door a crack.

“Prudence, what are you doing here?  Public schools are still in session. Perhaps you’d better get back to class.”

“Please, Patience, just let me come in and put my feet up for a few minutes.  I’m parched, and I need a cup of your pure spring water.”

“Perhaps you’d better tell me why you’re not in school today,” said Patience, as she pumped the pure spring water for Prudence.

“Patience, I just didn’t want to sit in class on such a warm, wonderful spring morning,” pouted Prudence. “Pupils need a break now and then, and today I decided I’d take one.”

“Putting yourself first only makes trouble for you later, Prudence,” lectured Patience. “Principals know how to deal with truant pupils!  Put a move on, now, and putter just as fast as you can back to the playground!”

Prudence sighed. Putting her cup on the countertop, she hoisted her bookbag and, looking very bored, plodded out the door. “Patience, I thought I could count on you!”

“Prudence, it is always best to put your studies ahead of playtime!”


7 thoughts on “The Letter “P”

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  2. Anne

    Perhaps I should take a break from packing for an upcoming trip. Perchance I could think more clearly about the details if I had a bit of dark chocolate or a Creamsicle shake first. Probably I would have have more energy if had some downtime. Predictably, Linda had written something to make me smile. Phooey, now I need to get back to packing. P-p-p-p, now my mind will continue to try to think of “p” words…



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