No Pets

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?



We don’t have a pet any more.  We chose not to mostly because a pet needs companionship. A dog does, at least. Because I’m home very little, and Terry tends to be in and out all day, we felt a dog wouldn’t get the attention it needs and deserves.

We do, however, have a doggie-in-law.  We’ve enjoyed this little guy for about 14 years now, and he’s showing his age more and more often. He’s a Maltese-dachshund mix, with a pretty little Maltese face and a long daschsund body.  We gave him to our daughter as a Christmas gift 14 years ago, and he’s is definitely her dog. In this picture, however, he’s found a cozy spot near our son-in-law’s feet.

He’s very affectionate, as Maltese do think they belong on a lap and never on the floor. He’s very mild-tempered, although the dachshund agression can come to the surface under certain provocation.  He’s been a part of the family for so long, I can’t imagine going there and not being greeted by the little guy.  These days, he’s mostly deaf, and a little slow to realize someone has come to visit.  He comes to get his little head scratched, and then he wanders off to a quiet place for some more sleep.

Dogs are great.  We had two while the kids were growing up, and they were well-loved. We still laugh at the funny stories we remember about our Springer spaniel, Tick.  What a nut!  He kept us entertained, and we still miss him.


2 thoughts on “No Pets

  1. We always had dogs growing up. Mom is allergic to cats. The boys tried guinea pigs once, but they didn’t survive very long, I don’t remember why. My furbabies are going to be 13 this summer. I don’t like to think of them getting older and crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I’d be lost without them. Their unconditional love and companionship is crucial to my mental health and stability. 🙂

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