Too Hot to Handle

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?


I enjoy moderately spicy foods. If the food makes my eyes water and my nose run, it’s too hot for me.

I’m developing a taste for good Indian cuisine. My first taste of it was in the South of England over 20 years ago, when I ordered curry at a rural pub.  It was fabulous, and I had asked for mildly hot, so I could enjoy the flavors. Since then, my daughter married a young man who grew up in Kenya.  Lots of people from India there, and he grew up enjoying the real thing. He and my daughter enjoy preparing different recipes, and I’m learning to enjoy eating them 🙂

My poor husband, on the other hand, prefers his food completely naked. No herbs, no spices, and go light with the salt and pepper, please. If I serve tacos, he omits the mild salsa.  No curry for him. No hot, spicy anything. I’ve compromised by learning to  cook for these different tastes in one pan.  I bought a divided skillet so that I can season my portion and not affect his at all.

The things you do for love.


8 thoughts on “Too Hot to Handle

  1. I’m not sure I would go that far for love! I don’t think I could live with a man who doesn’t like herbs – especially fresh herbs – and spices. I hope your hubby appreciates what a gem he has. Divided skillet – genius – but there’s nothing like sharing a smile and a fist bump with the hub after an especially fresh and flavorful mouthful.

    I LOVE Indian food but my people don’t so I go out to lunch with my friends. Before I was married I made Pierre Franey’s Poulet au Kari whenever my daughter was away with her dad. I’d invite friends over to enjoy it with me. Oh was that good!

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    1. Julie, it’s actually just boring to cook for someone who dislikes herbs and spices. There are a few I can use, sparingly, but for the most part he just wants the flavor of the food itself. He’s a true Midwesterner–meat and potatoes, peas or corn, or casseroles. I can do all that, but I’d really love to experiment a little. Oh well. We’ve made it for nearly 46 years. I think we’ll be ok 🙂

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