Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.


I’m sorry.  I can’t do this today.  I just watched a video of the President basically attacking and accusing Christians for their disapproval of his policies.  He did this at the Easter Prayer Breakfast, where he claimed, “as a Christian, I’m supposed to love,”   and then went on to say he’s not feelin’ the love of others who claim to be Christians.

Maybe that’s because he’s eroding so many of the dearly-bought freedoms we treasure, using his pen and his phone instead of going through Congress.

He never mentioned the recent massacres around the world of Christians; especially the most recent one in his home country, Kenya.  Never a word about the hatred growing around the world, and the persecution, of Christians. Just his perceived persecution of himself.

So no. I’m just not in the mood for this right now.


7 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. Linda Fode

    Thank you for your honest sentiments. I was horrified by Obama’s behaviour. at the Prayer breakfast. The only solution is prayer for your nation & our world.

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    1. Thanks, Linda. It wasn’t my intention to stir up a controversy here. Just to be clear, I’m not in favor of ANY people-group being persecuted and massacred. The history of this old world, however, is peppered with such horrors, and I find it shameful that the President of what used to be a world leader among nations is adding his weight to the dislike, hatred, and persecution of Christians. And/or Jews.


      1. Actually, I think that was a guest post, but she herself is a hoot. She was a Portugese exchange student and has very definite views about the shades of Maxist thought she sees being pushed in our country.

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