If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?


The first name that popped into my head was Tom Balistreri, who writes From Balderdash  to Epiphany.


Because he has a genius for turning out short, poetic, funny responses to the prompts. Day after day. It’s amazing.




10 thoughts on “Switcheroo

  1. So try it for a week. 🙂 Or post twice each day: one your normal style and one his. I enjoy his posts, too, and would love to see how you’d do if you tried that style.
    Unless I’m misunderstanding it, I think this a rather odd-sounding prompt; if we want to do so, we can use and post any style any time we wish.

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    1. Christine, that’s such an interesting way to look at the prompt. I didn’t think about that as I contemplated my choice. I thought of picking you though. (Really, I’m not just saying that.) You were the first one to pop into my head.

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      1. Why thank you! Now I’m stunned and humbled and all that. Were you thinking of my poetry blog or my main one? Please don’t copy my last week’s writings, as I haven’t posted a thing on either blog. (Blush)

        Go ahead and try Tom’s style, Granonie. We will bear with your corny poetry —laughter is the best medicine, they say— and you may improve with time.

        Tom B should put a warning on some of his posts, though. Something like: CAUTION: EXPOSES FRUMPY MINDS. One day I popped in to watch Fred & Ginger dancing to “The way you look tonight.” As I watched all that tapping & clicking, whirling & twirling, I thought, “What a waste of good energy!” Why, I could spade up my whole garden if I had that much steam.

        I also thought about how many pairs of shoes she must have gone through in making that movie when I saw her coming down on those spike heels like she did. You realize what a total frump you’ve become when these are your primary thoughts. So if any of you other grannies visit Tom’s blog, do NOT watch this video. You will definitely feel OLD if you do.

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      1. Granonine, I went looking for you over at Tom’s site thinking you would be there, but you weren’t . . . but I did find a lot of very humorous stuff. Maybe you guys could get together and write. Two heads are better than one. It probably won’t work, unless you can agree on a time.

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