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This is not going to make me popular.  I do not care.  I’ve had enough.

Yesterday, I watched a video of my First Lady–well, not mine, but the FLOTUS—shaking her booty at America. The lack of dignity is appalling.  Of course, people were clapping and  hooting, enjoying the dance. I was not, and if I’d been in the audience I would have remained quiet.

I am of another generation; the first ladies of my lifetime started with Mamie Eisenhower. I thought Jimmy Carter was a putz, but I admired his wife’s dignity. Jackie Kennedy was a picture of grace under pressure, in her difficult and often humiliating marriage and in the ugly death of her husband. Nancy Reagan, Pat Nixon, Barbara and Laura Bush, were all gracious women. Hillary, while she could be a termagent in private, by all reports, at least conducted herself with some dignity in public. Lady Byrd Johnson, too. Almost forgot about her, and she’s not forgettable.

Now Michelle.  She is aggressive, dominant, and has stated clearly that she hates America. She has her girls in a private school where a private chef prepares expensive lunches for the student body while she has decimated the school lunch programs across the country with her “no child left hungry” program. The only good thing about her program is that kids have started to brownbag it for lunch. What an amazing idea!  Bring your own lunch!  How about that!

She’s an environmentalist, she says, as she goes jetting all around the world using thousands of gallons of expensive and air-polluting fuel. She spends what seems to me an inordinate amount of time doing TV spots which also cost the taxpayer in terms of security and transportation.  When she travels, she never stays at the Motel 6. Oh no, not Michelle.   Only the best will do. Her entourage also has to be housed in lavish quarters, of course. All on our tax dollar.

She has called the White House “a very beautiful prison.”  I don’t understand why she feels that way, since she’s always jetting off to places you and I will never see.

Michelle, you need to practice what you preach.  You’re for the underdog, you say, as you wear outfits that cost thousands of dollars, made by the extremely underpaid.  You want redistribution of wealth, you and your husband say, as he increases our already astronomical national debt—the one he said was unAmerican when he was a senator.  You said, after Barak’s first election, that you were proud of your country for the first time in your adult life.  Everything you have done since then shows not pride in your country, but arrogance and pride in yourself.

The legacy you are leaving is one of self-indulgence and carelessness about the people whose money your are so lavishly spending, while you preach equality and class warfare.

I am not impressed.



10 thoughts on “Op-Ed? Uh-oh.n

  1. I should have nothing to say here, not being an American nor following American news. But this post contains some real “surprises” for me. Did Michelle Obama actually “state clearly that she hates America”? Honestly?!

    Does she really go “jetting all over the world on private excursions” burning up fuel and taxpayer dollars? And did the other presidents’ wives not? (I’m assuming here you refer to her own pleasure trips by private jet rather than her going along on State business.)

    Didn’t all US presidents have their children educated in private schools? I would think this would be mandatory for security reasons. Did other President’s wives buy their clothes at JCPenny –or Walmart, like most Americans do? 🙂

    As I said, I don’t know about the Obamas and their spending habits compared to, say, JFK & Jackie. But I do know it’s easy for “the average Joe” like you or me to pick up on what we see as “excesses” when, for our country’s top representatives, they are considered standard fare. Expected, in fact. If the First Lady showed up for a gala in a “Made in China” cheapy, would you all not be rather ashamed?

    As to respect, both personal and respect for the Office in question, I’ve often thought of how much has been lost over the years. Jackie Kennedy was a class act — a rich girl brought up to stand by her man no matter what. To fill the role of a politician’s wife with poise and grace. But the Press back then had an amazing respect for the office of the President, considering how things are today. Kennedy’s philandering did not go unnoticed, but the Press sat on it; they didn’t crucify him publicly (until long after his death) like they did with Clinton. Comparatively, the Press & the American public made a huge deal of a small thing. (History might reveal more erring top men, if all the facts were dredged up.)

    So we’re definitely in a “new age”; I won’t say a better age. The age of ME FIRST. As you stated so well, the American President’s wives in the past were expected to show style, class, dignity, moderation, loyalty to spouse and country. Not behave like teenagers, not ever doing TV spots for their own personal promotion. If MO is doing this, then she isn’t behaving as becomes the First Lady.

    However, I feel it’s best not to criticize our leaders’ spouses for things where their position requires spending big bucks for appearance sake. And it’s ALWAYS dangerous to take our “facts” from the Press, who seem devoted (at least here in Canada) to destroying respect for top officials. To this end their reporting is often slanted. We find that every flaw tends to be magnified and every sensible act downplayed or shown in a bad light.

    IMHO. Hope you don’t mind me leaving it here. 🙂

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    1. One of the freedoms I pray we never lose is the freedom to state our opinions.

      The press, in this administration, has pretty much chosen to find no flaw whatsoever in either Barak or Michelle. We’re talking mainstream press here. And yes, she has stated that she hates America; the first time I became aware of this was when she refused, with Barak, to salute the American flag.

      It is true that our first ladies need to present a positive and dignified appearance. But this particular First Couple has had SO much to say about the monied class, the redistribution of wealth, the underserved poor, etc. and then absolutely surpassed every other Presidential couple in personal vacations (taxpayer money) and parties at the White House (taxpayer money).
      Yes, I believe most Presidents have had their kids in private schools. I have no beef with that. Safety is a huge factor. My beef is that she has mandated the reduction of calories per meal or snack to a ridiculous low, while this chef is cooking (ONLY for her two daughters) I just did some fact-checking, and I’m wrong about the chef cooking only for the Obama girls. Apparently, the chefs are hired to cook for the entire student body. Their meals are pretty amazing, and the food is way more than what school lunches are now allowed to provide. Seems hypocritical to me.

      I’m tired of being lectured about my private life by someone who lives off my tax dollar. I’ll be glad when they’re gone.


      1. You say the mainstream Press is choosing to find no flaws, but some folks must be. You definitely aren’t alone in your views; I’ve read criticisms of this couple on many blogs. I just assumed the Press would be fueling a lot of it. At any rate, you aren’t the only one who will be glad when they are gone. One can only hope for more graceful behavior of First Couples in the future. Shocking that they wouldn’t salute the flag!

        Back in the days when I did follow the news more, I admired Hillary’s stand-by-your-man tact and poise when Bill was getting raked over the coals for his indiscretions. Whatever her personal feelings or ambitions were back then, she didn’t come out wailing “Oh, poor me. This is so horrible!” (As I might have.)

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      2. It is interesting to me that the ratings on a couple of very lef-leaning programs are dropping like a rock. Even those who supported the Obamas at first are tired of their imperial behavior.


  2. I can’t, or won’t address all your comments. But as for schooling – yes, presidents’ children have attended private schools for security reasons. But no other First Lady has so negatively impacted public schools. The lunch nutrition plan she pushed has caused problems across the country. Children are literally going hungry because of the reduction in available choices and the reduced calorie count of lunches in the public schools. Teen athletes simply cannot get enough calories from the lunches served. Many are now brining food from home. Others simply go hungry.

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    1. I have no argument with Presidential kids being in a private school. That’s understandable. I do have a problem with Michelle preaching and enforcing what public school kids can eat while her own kids get the exclusive attention of a private chef (I wonder if he’s paid for with public funds?) who cooks exlusively for her girls.


      1. One chef for their two girls? Wow!

        I can’t say anything about school lunches; parents are responsible to feed their children or send them a lunch. (Don’t quote me. I’ll have to check this out.) We were NEVER offered any free food at school but nowadays some inner city schools may offer a breakfast or lunch to children who qualify.

        How long have US schools been providing meals for children?


      2. Not all meals are free. There is a program for those who have applied for and been granted the free lunch program, and I honestly don’t remember when that all got started. Other kids pay a very reasonable sum for their lunches. A quick google shows that the free or reduced-fee lunch started under Harry Truman in 1946.

        As for one chef for two girls, it seems that the chefs cater to the entire studen body at Sidwell Friends. Here’s an article that looks at their menus compares to what kids at public schools get under Michelle’s calorie-controlled “guideline”– read “comply or you lose federal funding.” Some schools have chosen to forget federal subsidies and are feeding their students without government interference.


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