Since I’m already probably in trouble for my op-ed post, I’m going to put up another one.

You know those silly quizzes on Facebook?  Usually, they’re just fun and don’t mean a thing, and I take one and immediately forget about it, moving right along with life.

Today, however, I took a quiz that told me I have a 63% male brain, and a 37% female brain.

I cannot tell you how annoying that is.  The quiz is based solely on the premise that all men think logically all the time, and all women think emotionally all the time.  No one thinks just one way all the time.  I do not find it a compliment when some man, in wide-eyed amazement, tells me that I think like a man.  I just think he must be stupid.

I just THINK!  Women do, you know. Unless you are some kind of genetic mutant who has a head full of nothing but testosterone or estrogen, you are thinking. It’s part of the human condition.

How shocking it must be for Mr. Testosterone to meet a woman who doesn’t swoon at his manly feet. How amazed Miss Estrogen must be when she meets a man who can actually shed a tear over something or the other.

How ridiculous that these stereotypes are accepted as absolute truth. Good grief.

So if a woman is a successful attorney, it’s not because she’s a smart, careful, organized, capable woman.  It’s because she thinks like a man.

If a man is a very tenderhearted daddy, it’s not because he has the strength to love openly.  It’s because he thinks like a woman.

If a woman is an exceptional doctor, it isn’t because she’s smart, dedicated, and talented.  It’s because she thinks like a man.

If a man is an excellent, caring nurse, it’s not because he has a gentle nature and compassion. It’s because he thinks like a woman.


According to this quiz I took, men have no empathy and they buy ugly shoes. Women need to work on being logical.

I couldn’t even find any illustrations to use that don’t focus on male brain=sex and female brain=stupid.


Ok, I think I’m done.



10 thoughts on “Duh!

  1. What an interesting brain you have–=and so precisely divided. LOL
    I don’t ever want to take that quiz, for fear it will be announced all over cyberspace that I’m totally confused.
    Private joke, a tad irreverent: One day our pastor preached a wedding sermon, instructing the husband about being considerate, seeing as women are “the weaker vessel.” He illustrated the wife as being “like a delicate bone china teacup”, whereas a man is strong and able to take life’s hard knocks “like a cast iron frying pan.”

    One teen girl later commented on this. “I’d rather be a frying pan than a china teacup any day.” 🙂

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    1. Oh my. If girls are that fragile, how come we’re the ones going through pregnancy and childbirth? That “weaker vessel” in the Bible, here’s a site that addresses the question, with varying opinions on its true meaning. It’s worth reading through to the end; I believe the final comment sums it up quite well.

      Sorry, somehow the link didn’t transfer. Trying again:



  2. I took the same quiz today and got 50/50 how hilarious…. But I’ve never been too ladylike… I love to climb trees and chop wood etc.. Even though I am older now and my daughters are all grown, I still like to cook or rather I give it my best shot lol but I love being outside or tinkering with stuff… I also like painting, and repairing things.. But I sew, knit, read romance books and then drink whiskey straight… I think I am a 50/50 girl .. What it means bah I haven’t the foggiest lol!

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    1. I’m actually a girlie-girl for the most part. It was my sister who loved sports, still does. I don’t think it has as much to do with gender as it does with inborn temperament.


  3. Thank you , thank you and thank you . Saying that only men can think rationally and logically is very sexist . There is no such thing as man brain and woman brain ! there is a human being brain , the end .

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    1. Well, there have been studies that show some differences right from birth; I’m not arguing about things like toy preferences. All I’m saying is that logic isn’t restricted to men; compassion isn’t restricted to women.

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      1. compassion comes from the heart I guess , and logic comes from the brain , so when we say women can’t think logically ,we actually say that she doesn’t use her brain which is absure !

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