If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?


This would be a very tough choice between the UK and the South Pacific.  Both have so many of the things I love.

However, I think I would be more inclined toward the UK.  Probably Ireland.  Preferably a small village, where I would get to know all the people, shop every day in the local markets for the wonderful fresh produce, and enjoy the rolling green countryside. Ireland has always seemed like a paradise to me, in spite of all I know of its bloody history in its fight to stay Irish.

I love the ancient mythology.  I’d want to explore every ruin, every castle, every protected site.  I’d want to spend time wandering the shores and the cliffs above the ocean.  I’d want to live in a cottage with a thatched roof that somebody else would be responsible to maintain.  Of course I’d want all the modern conveniences.  I’m not fond of outhouses! But I’d really like to experience living a simple, quiet life.

I’d want to go to a ceile–I think that’s how you spell it–which is just an old-fashioned Irish hoe-down. I’d want to taste, and probably bake, Irish soad bread, along with other Irish dishes.  I’d want to become part of the bonhomie in an Irish pub, which is so much a central part of the village experience.

Maybe I’d run into a leprechaun or two.  Who knows, maybe I’d even find that pot of gold at the end of an Irish rainbow.

I’d enjoy long walks in the lush green fields, and get to know the farmers and their families. Maybe I’d even get a dog to keep me company. I’d probably visit a city or two, just to say I’ve been there, but it’s the countryside that appeals to me.

Maybe I’d even decide to stay.

10 thoughts on “Ireland

  1. nakedireland

    I love his post (obvioulsy, because I’m from Ireland!). And I think you are right, you’d love living in Ireland. It’s a magical & unspoilt place. Thanks.

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