Set It To Rights

Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.


This one is fresh on my mind, and I’ve already taken steps to fix it.

This past year, a requirement was made into law that all mandated reporters in matters of child abuse have to do three hours of training in continuing education in order to have their licenses renewed.  I found an online training through Penn State that fulfilled the requirements.  I took care of this in January, and upon completion of the course, I was sent a Certificate of Completion online which I printed and placed in my CEU files, never giving the matter another thought. The provider had said that a copy would be sent to my licensing board.

Our licenses expired on Feb. 28 this year.  Because I’d been so sick, it had slipped my mind to check on my status. This morning I did that check, and found my license status as “expired.”

This is very bad.  My heart dropped and my palms got sweaty. Image result for nervous cartoon face

So I emailed my licensing board, explaining the situation and offering to fax my copy of the  certificate to them, since apparently they never received one from the school.

There’s nothing more I can do until I hear back from the licensing board. Should I have been on this sooner?  Well, I was, actually.  I checked a couple of times in February, and each time was told that a copy would be sent to the appropriate board. Then the flu or whatever it was came thundering down on me and I lost touch with reality. This morning, scanning my email inbox, I saw the email I’d received early in February that my board had not received the certificate.

Yikes.  Immediate action required.  So while I did inadvertently let this slip, I didn’t let it slip very long!

I’ll keep you posted.  If this isn’t remedied very soon, I’ll be asking for handouts to support the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed 🙂

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