Time Capsule

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?


Hoo boy.  I could get into a LOT of trouble with this one, but I think I’ll take it to a more lighthearted place than my first reaction would have done.

Let’s see.   The essence of our current moment.  Yikes. It’s hard not to go all political here.

Okay.  First, a collection of all our various electronic gadgets and devices. State of the art. Of course, by the time this capsule is found they’ll all be obsolete. That could be next week.

Second, a copy of our founding documents in America. The Constitution. The Declaration of Independence. The Federalist Papers. The Bill of Rights. Because by the time this capsule is opened, I seriously doubt any of those papers will be taught in our public schools.

Third, a collection of all the denominations of money, from pennies to the largest paper bills.  Money  will have given way to implanted credit chips.

Fourth, photographs of all the beauties of this country that most people will no longer be able to view. Transportation will be very expensive, due to lack of road maintenance and scarcity of fuel. Except, of course, for jet fuel for Presidential vacations.

Fifth, pictures of the non-existent family car/van.  Public transport will be the only other option besides using one’s feet.

Sixth, a video of a gifted speaker who remembers what it was like in America before government became the master instead of the employee.  This speaker would talk about what it was like to be able to keep the money one earned, for instance, before government decided it had to be shared among hundreds of other families who didn’t make as much–or who made nothing at all. He would talk about how we used to move freely from state to state without having to go through checkpoints. He would describe what a family farm had looked like, instead of the government-run cooperatives that will exist in the future as the country starves and the world no longer can depend on America’s breadbasket or generous handouts.

He would describe privately-owned houses where old-fashioned families lived and came and went as they pleased, instead of the assigned quarters that will exist in which everyone watches everyone else to make sure no one is becoming too independent.

And i think I’d better stop, since it went all political on me anyway.



2 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. People don’t realize that this is the direction our lives are headed, it’s sad. Thank you for writing this. People don’t realize that all forces can used for you and against you, including tech advancements.

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