Can’t Copy

Write a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. (Be sure to link to them!)


OY!  I don’t have  just one favorite blogger!  Good grief!  How could I choose?  I mean, there are the ones whose consistent wry humor always makes me smile; the ones whose artistry with the poetic brush amazes me daily; the ones who can make me pause as I read to reconsider the weighty wisdom of their words; the ones who can make me laugh at myself when I become too ponderous with my own effort to be wise.

I could never begin to imitate the styles of  any of the wonderful wordsmiths I’ve met here, any more than I could imitate Tolstoy or Hemingway or Nora Roberts or Zane Grey.  Come on!  Each of us has his own voice, his own vocabulary, his own life paths from which to glean the seeds of stories.

How could anyone, for instance, imitate Josh Bilings or Mark Twain?  Inimitable, both of them. Unique, just as fresh today as when they first penned their wonderful stories.

Or Poe! I’m sure I could try, but I truly believe that the Raven  quoths only for him. Dickens?  How could anyone else reap from the endless supply of quirky characters he knew and make them live on the page?  How could anyone describe both the ugliness and the beauty of his times with such candor?

What makes us all unique is the simple fact that each writer has a shade of difference in he perspective and perception of the world we all inhabit.

And that is my response to the prompt for today.  It’s a good idea for someone more gifted than I, but I won’t embarrass myself by trying to copy  what is inimitable.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Copy

  1. I look at other blogs – including yours – and wish I could write like they do. But we each have our own style and reasons for writing.

    I am encouraged to keep writing by bloggers like you.


    1. Likewise. You and others give me help and ideas every time you write about your experiences with grief and pain. I’ve had a very easy life, really, and can’t tell a client, “Oh, I know just how you feel!” You help me when you write about Andrew, and by helping me you help the people I’m helping 🙂


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