You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.


Alexis struggled to pick one foot up as she set the other down. It felt as if someone were holding her ankles, making it nearly impossible for her to move. She knew she needed to run, but her body just would not cooperate. There was nothing in front of her but swirly mists, black and grey, with no light to show her where to turn.

There was no sound. She knew she was screaming, but her voice was swallowed up into the void and there was no one to hear, no one to help. The Terror was chasing her, laughing a terrible laugh as it watched her struggle to go nowhere.  How was it she could hear that awful laugh, yet her own screams were silent?

What was this terrible place? Oh, if only she could fly!  Up and away, free to soar above the horror that held her. There was no escape, and no one to help.

As the mists swirled and dipped in front of her, as she strained to see any way out,  she finally did see three closed doors. What were they?  How was she to know which one to choose?   She watched as the doors loomed ever closer.  None of them seemed a safe choice, yet she knew she had to do something! She stretched out her arm, groping and reaching to touch one of the doors.

“I don’t care which one I go through,” she thought. “Nothing could be worse than where I am now, with the Terror behind me and I can barely pick my feet up to run!  Oh, please, just let me go through one of these doors! it doesn’t matter which one!  Nothing could be worse than this. . .Oh, NO!!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

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