More Snow

March 1.  In like a lion.  Sigh.

As we hunker down for more snow, I’m trying very hard to be thankful.  Took me over an hour to drive home from church.  Usually, it’s about 40 minutes.  Terry didn’t go this morning because he’s gotten KO’d by a nasty cold.  In fact, he didn’t even wake up when I peeked into the bedroom.  So I was on my own, and at this time of year the snow is wet, slippery as snot on a doorknob, and very scary.

Traffic?  Who’d have th

ought there would be so many people out for a Snowday Drive?  Good grief.  Bumper to bumper for a while there, and very nervewracking at stop lights.  I have never been happier to pull into our driveway!

So, what am I thankful for?

My warm, cozy house.  Safe shelter from the weather.  There are people who have nowhere to go today, and who must believe it will always be winter.

A good meal warming in the oven.  I made a big batch of scalloped potatoes last night, making sure there would be enough for today.  There are people out there who won’t eat today.

A husband who cleaned up the dishes sometimes this morning.  Lots of women out there don’t have husbands; don’t have dishes; don’t have a kitchen.

The opportunity to teach a class of very sweet girls this morning.  Lots of people out there don’t have a good church to attend.

The freedom to teach God’s Word, to carry a Bible, to hear good Bible preaching.  There are lots of people who are losing their heads for trusting in Jesus Christ.  Others are being enslaved, tortured, driven from their homes.

I have nothing about which to complain. The snow will pass.  Spring will come. We will be warm again, and it won’t belong before we’re complaining about heat and humidity.

I think I’ll go have some lunch.


2 thoughts on “More Snow

  1. I wondered why on earth you ventured out in that weather and then I got to paragraph seven… and I smiled. And remembered that you were teaching today, for heaven’s sake.

    It does seem like Spring will never come. But my husband saw a robin on his windowsill at work the other day and texted me the news. Hip, hip, hooray!

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