Swan Song

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.


This blog.  I started this blog to improve my writing skills; to provide, possibly, some entertainment; to dip my toe in the waters of writing some fiction or some pieces from real life, my life.  I did not aniticipate the warm and encouraging support of others who are doing the same thing.  I didn’t know I would make friends I may never see, but whose presence is a daily encouragement. I didn’t know the writing would range over such a wide variety of topics. I didn’t know how much I would look forward to reading what so many others have written, just to see how they addressed a certain prompt in so many different ways.

I didn’t expect to be so amazed at the giftedness of so many other bloggers.  I didn’t know I would wonder why they aren’t published and selling like hotcakes. 

I hoped my words would be well-received and meaningful to at least a few; I never expected the avalanche of response. I expected some critical negative comments. There have been only two in the close to a year since I started this blog. One was a very angry response to my own criticism of the author’s foul and unneccesary language. I never read his posts now, and I’m sure he doesn’t read mine.  He thought I was objecting to his freedom of expression, and he protected it in vulgar terms. I told him I have great respect for his freedom to speak. I only objected to his really awful use of God’s Name in doing so.

The other was a personal attack,  from people I know.  I figured out how to block them. Cybertrolls don’t have to be tolerated.

Those are the only two negatives in a sea of positive, affirming, encouraging, supportive comments.

So, in this my (fictionally) final post, more than anything else I want to thank all of you who have traveled the path with me, who have encouraged me and assured me that I’m doing okay.  I want you to know that your support has helped spur me into getting serious about writing for publication.

I’ll let you know when that first book comes to fruition.

Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. It is confronting when being faced with hostility and aggression, I experienced this a couple of weeks back in an innocuous post of mine, but very glad we are protected for the most part by wordpress. An Australian celebrity was cyber bullied over a few years, and she sadly took her own life because of it. Great post!

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