Lovely Lavender

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?
Do I get to decide how big this plot of land is, and where it’s located?  Yes?  Okay, that makes it fairly easy.
I would locate my land in a place where lavender grows well.  There could be other aromatic flowers and plants, but the main emphasis would be lavender. Then I would build whatever facilities needed for the processing of the lavender in a variety of ways: dried, distilled into essential oils, perfumes, and so on.  There would be a shop for people to come and learn about all the wonderful properties of lavender, from soothing sleep aid to mosquito repellent to headache relief and so much more. So many products–lotions, oils, sprays, creams, shampoos, soaps.  I would of course need to hire people to tend the fields, to do research, to process , bottle, box, and otherwise package the products.  Maybe I would even set up a therapeutic massage clinic where my son could treat people with sweet-smelling oils and lotions during their massages.  Don’t really care for the scent of lavender?  That’s ok, that’s what the other aromatics are for.
I know there are lavender fields in France. Maybe that’s where I would go to set up my place.
If you’re interested,  you can learn more about lavender here.
PS–if you do go to the link, don’t bother reading the comments. Most of them are fine, but there are always some spoilers.

11 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. michaelkreger

    East Anglia, heading north from Cambridge toward King’s Lynn and The Wash, has copious amounts of lavender farms. Provence is the area of France with lavender farms. Either place would be a suitable place to live, methinks.

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