Undo the Cell Phone!

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.


Yes, I have one.  Yes, there have been times when it has been most helpful.

Yes, I got along just fine before I had one. We all did. Here is why I dislike cell phones:

1. They encourage rudeness.  You’re having a conversation with someone, face to face, and her phone rings. She doesn’t even blink at you as she answers it and leaves you waiting for her to remember that you were there first.

2.  You’ve all seen the pictures of people in social situations, at restaurants or whatever, all ignoring each other while they work their phones.

3.  They are a driving hazard. No further comment needed.

4.  They are expensive.  I know there are cheap ones, but going back to a cheap one is not a happy option when you’ve had a smart phone.

5.  They can be and are used as instruments of torture, because we seem to be terrified to turn them off. People can stalk you on your cell.  They can leave ugly messages, nasty pictures, evil voice mails.  They can even track your whereabouts if you don’t know how to disable that feature; and even if you do, your phone can be pinged to pinpoint your location.

6.  They can cause cancer.  Don’t carry yours tucked inside your bra or in the hip pocket of your pants  ALL. THE. TIME. There are documented cases of weird breast cancers and problems with hips.

7.  I f you really can’t bear not to be connected every single minute of every single day, you need to reconsider your social life.

I could go on.  I’ve been interrupted, ignored, walked away from, overridden by other people’s cells.  It’s not a nice feeling. It’s not as bad as being killed in an accident because some pinheaded driver couldn’t resist answering his phone, but still.

And I won’t even talk about what texting has done to the English language. SMH. ROFL. How R U?


8 thoughts on “Undo the Cell Phone!

  1. LOL!!!!!My pet peeve is sitting next to a stranger who carries on lengthy conversations which I have to listen to while I’m quietly trying to enjoy my own inner space thinking or reading. I get to know all her personal details. mmm….I see a book there……

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  2. I agree…when I’m taking my break at work everyone is on the phone. No one talks anymore and I feel lonely. So now I take my break at different time. It really sucks. Also my last activity at home everyone at the phone, no one will talk. So no more Sunday dinner at my house.

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  3. And then there are the people who talk into bluetooth devices – no visible phone. In the grocery aisle they suddenly say hello and I think they are talking to me so I smile and say hi… gets me every time and it’s so embarrassing. I should know better than to think anyone is saying hello to me in this town.

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    1. Yes. I’ve been caught, too. They always speak quite loudly, and you can hear their conversations long after you’ve left the aisle. Honestly, is this really necessary or is it some kind of status symbol. I’ve lived quite successfully for 67+ years without a Blue Tooth or whatever.


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