Time Stood Still

Feb. 16 2014 Mondays Finish the Story:

Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting.  With the flash of the bulb in the old-fashioned camera, everything went deathly still. No birds twittered, no water lapped at the shore. No breeze stirred the trees, and no clouds floated serenely overhead.

The tantara of the trumpet stopped. The drumsticks went silent. The oom didn’t pah, and the voice of the singer stuck in his throat. Unable to move, to even blink an eye, the four musicians remained caught in the poses they had struck just before the flash.

The photographer smiled as he rolled them up into a scroll, took them to his shop, and carefully framed them.

It wasn’t long before someone bought the picture and took it home.  His guests would often stop to gaze at it, saying things like, “Those men look so familiar!  I wonder where I’ve seen them before.”


17 thoughts on “Time Stood Still

  1. I really liked your take on the prompt. You kept them frozen in time and it was funny that the people looking at the painting recognized them but not fully. I wonder what will happen when they fully realize who they are? Great story!

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