Knitting for Dummies

Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all

(There are many ways to cast on.  Keep searching the videos, if you don’t like this one.  I typically do a one-needle cast-on)


1. Either you love knitting or you hate it.  If you love it, continue reading.  If you hate it, go find something else to do.

2. If you don’t know whether you love it or hate it, continue reading until your eyes glaze over with boredom.

3. If  your eyes do not glaze over with boredom, you may be a knitter. In that case, study the video above and go get the materials you need.

4. Start with fat needles and fat yarn.  They’re easier to work with.

5.  Do not use very dark yarn.  Too hard to see what you’re doing.

6. No novelty yarns yet.  You need to get proficient with the plain stuff first.

7.  Multicolored yarns are fun, but not yet.

8. After you have mastered casting on, find another video that teaches you the simple knit stitch.

9.  Now knit a whole bunch of rows until you’ve made a square that you can use as a potholder or  something to put a hot dish on. Or  rip it out and make something more interesting.

10.  Find a video that teaches how to bind off your square.

Some people, like me, find it easier to have well-written and clearly drawn instructions on paper. That’s fine.  There are plenty of good starter books out there.

So why do I enjoy knitting?  Many reasons.  I love the feel of the yarn on my fingers.  I love seeing a pattern begin to take shape. Knitting is relaxing for me, something I can do while chatting, listening to music, watching TV, riding in the car.  Keeps my hands busy. I’m a multitasker, so it is important to me that my hands are busy.

I love the infinite vareiety of knitting. So much can be created, from socks and mittens and hats to some absolutely fabulous sweaters and wraps.  There are so many luscious yarns out there, from the finest silk to thick heavy woolens.

Knitting has a fascinating history.  Easy to find on the internet.

I started knitting when i was about ten. There was a club for girls at our church, and one of the women who worked with us taught us to knit. We made little miniscarves that went over the top of the head, covered the ears, and tied under the chin. Quick and easy.

I wanted to continue, but money was tight and knitting needles and yarn were not necessities.  So I practiced with two sharp pencils and a ball of string, until the string was useless.

During high school and college, the knitting was forgotten. But after I was married, I picked it up again and have never really stopped.  There is always something new to learn, always something new to make. It’s a wonderful hobby, and if you’re smart you can get your yarns pretty cheaply at special sales, garage sales, thrift shops, and so on.  Of course, it’s a treat to work with some new novelty yarn that isn’t cheap, but I don’t do that very often.

So there you have it.  Happy knitting!


19 thoughts on “Knitting for Dummies

  1. I enjoy knitting as well. I don’t claim to be terribly proficient and my Mum and Mother in Law find it very hard to watch me knit as I don’t do it properly! But still, I get there. I enjoyed this post and I loved your reasons for doing it. And pencils and string – wow, that’s amazing. 🙂

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    1. Just start nice and easy. If you are a visual learner, you will do very well with the videos available on You tube. If you learn better by following written/illustrated directions, then get a “Learning to Knit” booklet. Hope you enjoy it! (I crochet, as well, and enjoy it very much. Some people think it’s simpler, and it probably is once you know the basics. I just like the look of knitting better.)


  3. My mom taught me to knit as a child, and I knitted two jumpers when I was fifteen. Haven’t knitted since then and I don’t think I could read a pattern now. It would upset me not being able to refer back to my mom which I did when I was fifteen. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. My mother is an expert when it comes to knitting. I remember wearing lovely and intricate skirts, caps, and waist coats knitted by her when I was in school. I learnt but somehow could not persue this wonderful hobby. Enjoy your knitting 🙂

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