The Case of the Intriguing EMail

Here’s the title of your post: “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.”

Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!


I opened my email account, and right there at the top of the list of new messages was this one from someone named Van:

“You have been selected to participate!  If you want to earn a LOT of MONEY, reply to this email RIGHT NOW!!”

I was completely turned off by the capital letters and the double exclamation marks.  What a bunch of hooey.  But I had nothing better to do, so I clicked on “reply.”   Couldn’t think of a thing to say, so I just sent it that way, blank.  Had no idea where it would go or if I’d ever hear from Van again.

The next morning, there was another message: “Thank you for your interest in this opportunity!  You were the very FIRST person to respond!!  Just fill in the form attached to this email, and you’ll be on your way to earning LOTS of MONEY!!”

Well, why not?  Nothing to lose, right?

So I filled in my name, birthdate(not the year), and occupation.  Van wanted my banking information, but I’m not completely stupid.  I wrote a message at the bottom of the form:  “Dear Van, You must think people aren’t very bright.  I’m not giving you my banking info, or my social security info, or any other info.  What is your deal?  How do I make all this MONEY!!!”

Clicked “send.” To my great surprise, an answer came back almost immediately.

“Dear Linda, You have passed the test!  You have shown that you are not naive!! You have earned a prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS  just because you were smart enough to refuse to give me certain information.  Not that I couldn’t get it, but still.  All you have to do now is go to your front door and watch for a white limousine.  When it comes, get into it immediately and you will be taken to the office where your MONEY  awaits!”

Well, it was an offer I couldn’t resist.  What’s the harm?  I could always tuck my little pistol into my purse in case some pervert was setting me up for something I didn’t want.  And who knew?  Maybe this was legit.  I could use ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

But I can’t tell you what happened next, because my 10 minutes just ran out.

21 thoughts on “The Case of the Intriguing EMail

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  2. What a fun read. My guess is the white limo took you to the bus station for an all expenses paid vacation to Reno Nevada, where you are free to take the 5$ seed money they gave you and turn it into big bucks in the Casino.

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  3. Kim L

    sounds a lot like the beginning to the Mysteriouis Benedict Society. More in nuance and in feeling than in the actual event, but a bit like the characters, in that they are people who don’t take things in the ‘ordinary’ way. You could write more in this story…..

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