Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.


Here’s one I’ve been using for quite some time, due to my work and my observation of mental health practice:


It’s a combination of, obviously, pills and ubiquitous.  Pills are often the easy answer to  everything, and Big Pharmacology keeps putting out oceans of new pills to meet our every need.

Ubiquitous means everywhere.  Have a problem?  Take a pill. You’ll feel better.


P.S.  Perhaps a disclaimer is in order.  I am not 100% opposed to the use of medication mental health practice.  There are instances in which it is clearly indicated, and even necessary  if the patient is going to have anything like a normal life.  Bipolar Disorder fits that category.  People who have Bipolar Disorder often do very well if they are compliant with their meds.

What I’m trying to point out here, though, is that we are too quick to use medication instead of common sense, and Big Pharm is just fine with that.  There are other effective treatments, for instance, to relieve anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress that are not dependent on the use of medication. The same is true for many cases of depression.

I just think we’ve gone way overboard.  We won’t put up with the smallest discomfort, physical or mental/emotional, if we can find a pill to relieve it. Therefore, we no longer understand how to deal with certain situations unless we have medication for it.

And my disclaimer has now become longer than my original post.  Good grief.

16 thoughts on “Pillbiquitous

      1. I took it the way you meant it. They have pills for every silly thing rather than having some patience and letting nature take its course or addressing the issue with a change in diet (cleaner eating) and exercise.

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  1. Love the word and I so agree. I picked up a prescription for an antibiotic recently and was amazed and appalled at the volume of white bags overflowing from the bins behind the pharmacy counter. Sometimes it seems that doctors have been reduced to pill pushers. And yes, sometimes they are necessary and thank God for them.

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  3. I like the word! I know doctors’ focus is to help you manage any pain. So it’s always a pain reliever for everything! I don’t like taking meds and I hate going to the doctor. I’d rather listen to what my body tells me than listen to the doctor. What they prescribe aren’t always the best.

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