Random Word: Teapot

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

My newest find for my collection is my current favorite. This teapot invites a cozy room, a tray of cookies or  muffins drenched in butter and honey.   A close friend sits opposite me across the tea table, and we both enjoy the ceremony of making the tea.

The water has boiled in the kettle; the pot has been warmed with hot tap water.  When the kettle whistled, I poured the hot water out of the pot, placed a teaball filled with Earl Grey and TyPhoo in the pot, and poured the boiling hot water  into the pot. I put the lid on the pot, waited about four minutes, then poured out the fragrant tea and enjoyed the aroma.

My friend tucked her legs up under her, settled back with her tea, and  just held the cup under her nose for a couple of seconds. It smells SO good! Sweetened perfectly with just a bit of honey, it will go down as smooth as silk. Relaxation in a cup!

We both enjoyed watching the teapot. As the boiling water filled the pot, the polka dots began to turn red!  It’s amazing, and I don’t know how that happens, but it happens every time.  As the tea in the pot cools, the dots slowly go pink, then white again.

“Linda, what do you suppose makes that happen?”

“I don’t have a clue, but I’ll tell you this–I really don’t want to know!  It would take the magic out of the moment if I knew that it’s nothing more than a chemical reaction of some sort.  I’d rather think of it as the pot showing us her approval  every time we use her.”

“I like that.  It’s as if she’s blushing with pleasure,” my friend said with a smile.

I settled back in my comfortable chair, enjoying a buttery cookie with my lovely tea.

10 thoughts on “Random Word: Teapot

  1. Tea. My new romance. I have never really been a coffee drinker, although I have taken to drinking it the last few years. The taste is too..um.. kick you in the teeth? Yeah, that works. But over the last 6 months or so, I have started drinking tea at home. I use Truvia to sweeten it, but I have to say, there is just something so nice about drinking a good cup of tea out of your Tigger mug while you color in your coloring book and your grown children look at you like you are some sort of pariah. 😀

    1. Tea is for calming. Coffee is for stoking 🙂 Ever since I learned to make tea properly, I’ve had an ongoing romance. Love it. I don’t have a Tigger coloring book, but by grown children often look at me strangely anyway.

      I have no idea why. . . .

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  3. I love reading about people who take such joy in life’s simple pleasures. I can just see you going through all of your special motions to prepare your tea using special teapots and cups, and then cherishing every sip. It sounds so meditative and present and wonderful.

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