A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.


It had been a long, difficult day.  The work is not physical, but it is physically draining, especially on Tuesdays, when I’m there from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  On a full day, I see nine clients.  I insist on having an hour off at noon and at five so I can eat something and have some quiet.

Driving home that late at night, especially in the winter darkness, only increased my need to be finished for the day. I’m usually pretty good at leaving work at work, but on this particular day there had been a couple of clients whose stories were so difficult that I was having a hard time clearing my mind of the ugly details.

Driving in the dark, with very little traffic, I turned on the radio to a station that plays a lot of classical music. To my intense delight, I came in on one of my favorites from Vivaldi’s “Seasons.”  Perfect.  Joyful, relaxing, musically brilliant, the piece got me home in a better frame of mind.

It was one of the rare nights that Terry had already gone to bed.  Typically, he waited to see that I was safely home before he fell asleep.  He must have had a difficult day as well, only his pain was physical.  I quietly got into my robe and slippers, grabbed the book I was reading, and closed the bedroom door.  He never stirred.  Good.  I had no desire to talk, not even with him.

It took a few minutes to brew my favorite tea, a mix of Earl Grey and TyPhoo that I had enjoyed in England many years ago. Enjoying the sweet aroma, I carried the tea into the living room, got comfortable in “my” chair, leaned my head back against the headrest just for a few seconds, and let the peace and quiet seep into my mind and my body. I had turned on the radio to the same station as the one I’d been listening to in the car. 

I began to read, sipping my tea slowly.  I wanted these moments to last.  It was rare, now that Terry was retired, for me to have time completely alone with no interruptions.

This is my sanctuary. A quiet room, a cup of ambrosia, a good book, and soothing music. The only way it could be improved would be to take it all to a warm, sunny beach where the ocean’s sounds would accompany the music.


8 thoughts on “Sanctuary

    1. Only on Tuesdays. Wednesday and Thursday I’m done at five. I couldn’t do that long day more than once a week, and I work only three days per week. Very nice at this stage of my life to be able to choose how much I want to work.


  1. Absolutely relate! That moment when I sit down in “my chair” and just let my body relax is priceless. Not talking to anyone is essential! I talk all day, so conversation is not needed in the evening and my tea would be my coffee, but yep, totally relate!

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    1. Coffee is for morning, to get my motors revved. Tea is for relaxing. If I drank coffee late at night I’d NEVER get to sleep, and the next day I’d be climbing walls and slapping people upside the head. Not good, especially for the work I do 🙂


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