Oh, My Aching Back!

No Daily Prompt again.  I was hoping we were finally back on track, but oh well.

I’ve been posting later in the day than I like because I’ve been struggling with a spasmodic mid-back condition for over a week. The week before that, it was a lumbar problem.  Sigh. There are some things about aging that really aren’t any fun at all.

The condition I’m dealing with now started over 25 years ago.  It’s like having a full-body charlie horse, and it literally brought me to my knees.  Even my chiropractor  couldn’t seem to get it fixed, and my family doctor ended up putting me to bed with pain pills and muscle relaxers for the weekend.  Finally brought the pain under control, and I haven’t had a lot of difficulty with it since then–until this week.

If you’ve never dealt with back pain, you’ve no idea how debilitating it is.  Hard to describe something that no one can see.  Lots of people think back pain is just an excuse to get out of work. Believe me, the LAST thing I wanted to do over my Christmas break was spend so much time flat on my back in bed, dreading having to move at all.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, not even the doubters 🙂

So New Year’s Eve rolled around, and I knew I was in trouble. The spasms were unrelenting and horrible. We called our family physician, and the doctor on call agreed to send a prescription to any pharmacy we could find that was open at 9 p.m. New Year’s Eve. We finally found a CVS that was open until 10, called the doc back, and got the meds.

I hoped for oblivion, but didn’t get it. The doctor gave me a combo of muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory, and it took several doses before I finally started feeling relief. This morning I was actually able to roll out of bed with minimal discomfort. I’m hoping that means I’m on the mend, and that I’ll be all better just in time to. . . . .

. . . .go back to work, where I sit all day.


And a happy new year to all of you, if that’s possible for you after reading my lengthy complaint.  A little whine with my cheese, please 🙂


6 thoughts on “Oh, My Aching Back!

    1. Thanks, Christine. Today was a little better. The physio will come once the spasms go away. I have a very good chiropractor, but he was away over this week and I didn’t think it would help to try someone new who doesnt know my tricky back 🙂 I’ll be seeing my chiro next week, and he’ll tell me whether or not I’m ready for some mild exercise. I know it’s important to build the abs up, too.


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