Me? Change the World??

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?


First, I’m coming in late on this today because I’m struggling with a spasmodic back that is taking a long time to respond to meds.  Painful and discouraging.

Second, I don’t think my tiny little blog is going to have any impact on the world, although in my most grandiose dreams I’d like to imagine  such a thing.

Third, I’m really not looking at changing anyone or anything.  My blog?  I started it for myself.  I started it because I want to improve my writing skills, connect with other bloggers, dip my very timid toe into the waters of writing something worthy of publication at some point.

If one single person is changed in some way by what I’ve written, then I would consider that a phenomenal event.

7 thoughts on “Me? Change the World??

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  3. Anne

    I’m sitting here praying for your pain (as I bite my hand to try to forget vivid memories of that same pain I’ve experienced), and I’m also trying to decide whether to comment or not. Enough is enough.

    “If one single person is changed in some way by what I’ve written, then I would consider that a phenomenal event.”

    Well, then. I will never forget this day.

    I must have read that post over 50 times and thought of it more often than that. When I first read it, I found myself all through the description. I also found myself a touch jealous that she had someone like you in her life. The freedom she found in friendship was enviable indeed and was impossible for me to comprehend.

    Yet amazingly, as I contemplated your words, there came an opportunity in my life to finally be real, to share without retribution or rejection, etc. I am not all that sure I would have taken that risk had I not read your post, or maybe I would have, but I would not have been quite as curious or brave to give it a try, perhaps.

    “A phenomenal event” indeed. Some of the transformation from your acceptance as you described…I don’t recognize myself much of the time…”like a little girl” and I don’t “know what to do with it”
    And how I love that last line, “I look forward to the day when she can smile with her whole face, all at once.” I’ve finally done that. I’ve done it so many times now that it’s wonderful to feel like what is past is long past.

    “In my work, I meet interesting people all the time. Sifting through them to find ONE to write about is like looking at a child’s kaleidoscope, twisting and turning the tube and watching the colors shift into different patterns, looking for the one that stands out from all the rest.” I’m confident that you and/or your writings are memorable patterns for others. That post from last summer was one for me as I rotated it, and it merged into a new unforgettable pattern.

    “If one single person is changed in some way by what I’ve written, then I would consider that a phenomenal event.” You may never know all of your influence till heaven, but I had to share this finally after such a statement. Better to change hearts than the world, I think.

    Happy New Year, from The Source of all joy, to you!

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