Feeling Frustrated

It’s not often I complain about Word Press.  I love all the options they offer, and I’m delighted to have met so many new friends out there in cyberspace.


I am so annoyed with the recycled posts on the Daily Prompt. At 8:03 this morning, there were already 90+ posts up on the grid!  The first six I clicked on were all dated March 6, 2013! There were two that apparently no longer exist.  It’s very discouraging to know that your lovingly- crafted, genius-level post is going to be buried under 95 others that are two years old.

If anyone who can do anything about this is reading my little rant, I sure hope this stops soon.

And now I’m done.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Frustrated

  1. I noticed the two missing ones, didn’t even look at the date. Was a bit curious as to why so many posts already that early in the morning, but.. figured with the new year coming, people were starting to write.. so sad that this is the case. So very sad.


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