Silent Night

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.


“This is such a busy time of year, sighed Katrina.”  Coming to rest  at the top of the Christmas tree, she folded her wings and settled next to Zoe. I’m supposed to give you a break, Zoe.  You’ve been standing here with your wings open for hours, and you need a rest. Why don’t you go invisible and find a shop where you can get yourself a bagel and some nice hot chocolate?  I’ll take your place for a while.  No one will know the difference.  After all, what mortal knows one angel from another?”

Zoe was glad to take Katrina’s offer.  She didn’t mind being the treetop angel for the White House Christmas tree.  There was so much to see! So many people walked by, and they were usually a happy bunch during the month of December Still, it would be relaxing to take that break.  She unfurled her wings and lifted off the tree while Katrina settled in for her shift. “Take care, Dear. There’s really nothing much to do, but you will need to watch out for that pesky cat that keeps trying to climb up to the middle of the tree.  Someone tied a catnip treat there, and the  poor kitty really wants it!”

Katrina settled in, enjoying the radiant lights on the tree and over so much of the city. The White House was beautifully decorated in the traditional style of the season.  As she rested on her perch, Katrina couldn’t help but think about that first nativity in Bethlehem.  There had been angels there, too—crowds of them, singing praises to the Son of God. She shivered as she remembered the echoes of that anthem as they rolled through the heavenly arches. Such joy had soared through the heavens that night! Katrina thought about the elegant presidential home compared to the humble manger in which the Savior of the world had been born in human form.

“My, my,” sighed the faithful angel as she glowed from the top of the dark green tree.  “If only the people down through the centuries since our dear Jesus was born weren’t so ignorant  of the great love and mercy  He showed by leaving the wonders of heaven to come down here and be a man for a while.  If only they truly understood His only objective, He knew He was being born so that He could die, the perfect sacrifice Whose blood would cover all sin. It still fills me with awe to think of the Father’s plan, and the Son’s willingness to fulfill it.”

Katrina suddenly realized that things had gone pretty quiet in the area surrounding the tree.  Peering down through the branches, she watched as two men set up a xylophone, a beautiful instrument that very few people could play these days. Seemed to her it was all guitars and drums and a lot of yelling into microphones!  As she watched, one of the men pulled a case out from under the xylophone. He removed four mallets that seemed to have some kind of wooden, maybe padded, heads on them. Holding them expertly, he played a melodious scale and then segued into the familiar harmonies of the world’s favorite Christmas carol, Silent Night.  The two men blended their voices to sing in perfect harmony as the crowd stilled to listen.

The mellow notes floated up into the crystalline air, seeming to melt into the stars of the heavens. Christ the Savior is born! Christ the Savior is born!


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