What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.


LInda stretched, enjoying the warmth of her welcoming bed. Her down comforter lay over her like a cloud; a soft, dry, warm puff of delight. Slowly, like a cat, she stretched her legs, flexed her feet, arched her back and then settled back into the cocoon. She relished knowing that she didn’t have to get up for anything until or unless she wanted to. 

Well, call of nature, of course, but that doesn’t count.

Drifting, her mind went back to younger days when a day off meant  a day full of plans, activity, people, fun and good food. Her energy level had been tiptop, and every hour of that free day would be enjoyed to the fullest.

Now, as she approached 70, she was utterly blissful to have no plans at all.  A  cup of good coffee would help wake her  up when she was ready. She looked forward to spending quality time with the book she was close to finishing, and to starting the next one in her stack. Maybe she would work on the afghan she was knitting.  Maybe. Maybe she would just let each moment direct her as it occurred.

It was truly a day off when you could do anything, everything–or absolutely nothing. LIfe is good.


10 thoughts on “Still

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      1. Well, but see, that’s because I’ve learned to stop and rest! Even God rested after six days of creative work, and Jesus needed to get away from the multitudes and take a little nap 🙂 Why do we think we have to gogogo24/7 when God created the dark night when our bodies make melatonin as we sleep? We’ve lost our way in this busybusybusy world!

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