Heart Friends

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?


It is our differences as well as our similarities that keep me close with my friend Deb. She is a heart friend. We both love the Lord. We both love our families and delight in our grandchildren. We both enjoy good food, good fun with other mutual friends, and good conversation ranging from the silly to the spiritual. We both love books, we both love counted cross stitch, and we both love good music.

Our differences keep me going back for more. I don’t know why she continues to seek me out. Can’t figure it out at all. Where she is soft, I am hard. Where she is gentle, I tend to be sharp. Where I am forthright and blunt, she is careful and tactful. She does a much better job at staying in touch with her friends than I do.  All she has ever wanted is to be a wife, mom, homemaker. She does a superb job at all three, and she is loved by all her family and friends.

I’m more inclined to want to do it all.  Wife, mom, homemaker, sure.  Did that, still doing it, just not as well as she does. She would never tolerate the dirt that exists in my corners.  I went on to be a teacher, a therapist, and maybe even a writer someday. Seems I’m not satisfied, and she is.

And it is those differences as well as those similarities that bond us, bind us, and keep us close even when we go two or three months without seeing each other.

I know she reads the stuff I write here, and she’ll be embarrassed and teary-eyed.  So am I, Deb.  I love you, my dear friend.



5 thoughts on “Heart Friends

  1. Debbie

    Today is my Bach at Noon day, which I always look forward to. However, as a result of a fall last night, I am using crutches and sitting with an ice pack on my hurting foot. I have been feeling a little sorry for myself until I read your post. And yes, I am teary-eyed and so very thankful for our special friendship. Love you, too!


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