Let There Be Light!

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?


If black is the absence of color due to the absence of light, then give me light!  White light, please, because white is the presence of all colors.  Seems to me you could tinker around with that and fix the problem of the absence of color, right?

I’m not a scientist; any number of you could probably prove me wrong here.  All I remember from physics about light and dark is that dark/black is the absence of any light reaching the eye. Conversely, white is the presence of all colors, and can be broken down into  all colors through some process or the other that I don’t remember.  Prisms have the capacity to break light into colors, I know. 

Isn’t that all just fascinating?  No, really, I’m serious.  Amazing how God made our eyes to be able to see a vast, unlimited array of colors.  I understand that many animals see only in black and white.  Aren’t you thankful that we aren’t animals? Just think of the pleasure color gives us. One of the things that makes autumn so gorgeous here in Pennsylvania is the intensity of color at this time of year.  The sky is never just blue; it’s cerulean, crystal clear, azure.  Flowers intensify in color until you need sunglasses to look at them 🙂  Orange, red, gold, green, yellow and rich brown color the hillsides, making a drive through the Pennsy mountains a feast for the eyes. I would miss all that SO much if all color were to disappear!

This prompt has reminded me how much I enjoy color.  The colors of my grandchildren’s eyes; the color of my bedroom walls where I’ve spent the last day and what looks like most of today.  It’s a deep raspberry color, with white trim.  I chose it several years ago when my kids gifted me with a makeover of this bedroom, and I still love it. The colors in my closet reflect the fact that I’m a winter: Black, white, navy, red, lemon yellow, emeral green, hot pink, icey pink, light grey, royal blue and deep purple.  Love all my colors.  It would be very sad to have to wear nothing but unrelieved black. Very sad indeed.

Thank you, Lord, for coloring our world with so much beauty!



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