Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


We’re leaving in about 20 minutes to drive out to Lancaster, PA to the Sight and Sound Theater in Ronks. It’s an amazing place, where they produce dramas based on Bible stories.  They have a most gifted cast and many support crews who could just as easily be working on Broadway or in Hollywood. The costumes are always amazing, the sets fabulous.

We went to see Jonah a couple of years ago, and at one point the whole theater seemed as if it were under water, with jellyfish hanging from ceiling and the huge fish that swallowed Jonah swimming above our heads. They use live animals, and every inch of the theater itself is used in some way to enhance the visual setting for the performance.

The music is outstanding. Always a treat to listen, and to become so much a part of the events onstage that you feel more like a participant than a spectator. Can’t wait.  Today we’re going to see Moses. 

After the play, we’ll go to one of the area restaurants that specialize in Pennsylvania Dutch fare.  It will probably be the Good and Plenty, where they serve family style at long tables where you sit with other people who are enjoying the incredible variety of side dishes they serve with the main course. Everyone is congenial. You don’t go to a place like that unless you’re willing and able to visit with people you’ve never met.  It’s fun.

It’s a grey, rainy day so far, which  gives a whole different feeling to the scenery. That won’t matter, though, as we drive through the Amish countryside and see the beautiful farmland, richly cultivated in the rolling hills and valleys we’ll travel through.  All in all, a delightful day.

Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Outing

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  2. I haven’t been to Sight & Sound in the longest time! I remember seeing Noah’s Ark there and I think the story of Jesus. Or maybe it was just the birth of Jesus… I can’t remember. I definitely remember Noah’s Ark, though.

    I would love to visit the family style restaurant you mentioned, though.


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