Can’t Not Read

Reader’s Block

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?


The only time I’m unable to read is when I’m doing something else that doesn’t allow for reading at the same time. Working, cleaning the toilet,  getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic. Aside from that, I’ve never had a dry spell. If I don’t have time to read during the day (rare) I always read myself to sleep at night. Since the first real book was in my hands (NOT “See Spot Run”)  I have never, ever had a dry spell.  Always a book waiting for me, Always.


7 thoughts on “Can’t Not Read

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  2. I just ended a two year long dry spell with the book Blood Red by Mercedes Lackey. It is a fantastic retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story. I have been unable to read because of a bad medication interaction that inhibited my mental faculties.


  3. stargail67

    Linda, we grew up with books all around us, and both parents were avid readers, even our football coach brother was a good reader, and had his library in every room in his house! I never go anywhere without my kindle, and usually have two or three books going on there. Remember when we would go to the library and get stacks of books to read during the summer?
    Can’t imagine being without a book!


    1. I have a very clear memory of Dad teaching us how to open a new book carefully, so the binding wouldn’t break. Yes, love of books is in the genes. Also remember him teaching us to NEVER put another other book on top of the Bible 🙂


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