To be, or to. . . . .

Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?


I don’t want to just BE;  to HAVE isn’t terribly important to me. To think?  Now we’re getting closer, but I need something more specific. To move? Well, that’s wonderful, but someday I may not be able to do so.

Hmmmm.  I know.  Yes, I’ve got it!

To read!  Of course!  What would life be without books, papers, magazines, websites, all manner of things to read?  After all, in order to read one needs to be, to have, to think.  Not neccessarily to move 🙂

To read is to grow, to learn, to improve, to enjoy, to relax, to share, to laugh, to cry, to yearn, to imagine, to fly, to empathize. It is to ponder on someone else’s ideas and experiences, and possibly to increase one’s own ideas and experiences.

I learned to knit by reading.  I learned to play the piano and the organ, the violin and even the harmonica and my concertina by reading. Cooking, baking, sewing, quilting, singing, rearing children, improving my marriage, reaching out to others, doing the counseling work I’m doing now–reading was a part of all those things.

Most important of all, it is by reading my Bible that I learn about God, learn to love Him more each day, learn to understand about life, about the human heart and mind, about other people.

Reading. One of the greatest gifts of my entire life.


11 thoughts on “To be, or to. . . . .

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  2. Franz

    I agree reading is essential for living. I don’t really like to read but at the same time my life would be a miserable one without it. I read every single day and I think it is one of the most vital but yet the most biggest skill I think we take for granted. So yeah great post. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful post! I agree completely that reading is so important. I’ve been an avid reader as long as I can remember and taught both my sons and now my grandson to love and respect the art of reading. One of my phobias; to lose my sight and not be able to read. I know there are audio books but there is just something about holding a book in your hands. It opens a whole new world.
    Thanks so much for your post and God bless.


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  5. Hi. Yes, I agree : reading is the most beautiful thing that humankind has !
    But, I can’t read anything without being sure that I can trust in it ; I can’t read anything which destructs us.


    1. Comprehension and discernment have to accompany your reading. One of the best ways to gain both of those is to continue to read, and to learn to think critically.

      Thanks for your comment–good one!


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