Response to a Comment

This is my response to a comment on the post “Dear Mr. President.”  First, the comment:

You sound like an angry woman. This president didn’t get us into a war that cost American lives and billlions in taxpayer dollars. Define socialism, then look at the school system, postal service, National Parks, and the list goes on… It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either.

Before I post my response, I want to make it very clear that I am not looking for ongoing debate. I particularly do not want nasty, profane, name-calling diatribes, and I won’t allow them. This person, however, brought up some things that I felt deserved an answer.  It got a little longer than I planned, but hey, it’s my blog, right? 🙂

So here’s my response:

Well, congratulations! Yours is the first not entirely positive comment I’ve received on this piece, and if this is as bad as it gets, then I’m happy.

Let me see if I can answer you, point by point.

Are you assuming that I’m an angry woman because I disagree with the present regime? Because I’ve been specific about some of the things that trouble me? Because I don’t like socialism, which I’m very well-qualified to define as a history teacher and student of all the “isms” that have influenced the 20th century? I’m not sure what it is upon which you’ve based your opinion, but I’d like to ask you to go back and read through some of the other things I’ve written and tell me whether you still think I’m an angry woman. Having strong convictions is not synonymous with being angry. It’s true that I’m angry ABOUT some of the things I’ve mentioned. I’m angry that my President took about a nanosecond out of his busy golf schedule to comment on the beheading of the first American journalist victim. And I’m angry about the multiple millions of taxpayer dollars he’s used, and will continue to use, on his “vacations” while he badmouths the wealthy (not his Hollywood wealthy friends, of course) and uses one of the most expensive means of transportation available. So yes, I guess that makes me angry. I own that, and I won’t apologize. There are things we NEED to be angry about.

You are correct that Obama didn’t get us into Desert Storm or Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. What bothers me about that kind of argument, though, is that if those wars had been allowed to come to the most effective conclusion, Mr. Obama wouldn’t have to be sending troops and planes back there to start all over again. Who or what stood in the way of finalizing those wars? The Democratic Congress. And contrary to Mr. Obama’s practice, the other Presidents did not abuse their power by signing multiples of Executive Orders in spite of Congress refusing to work with them.

Here’s a new one to throw into the pot of what I’m angry about: Mr. Holder’s resignation, hinged on getting a replacement, created enough of a firestorm that Mr. Obama was able to Executive Order the military to induct illegal aliens into our armed forces with very little reaction from the media.

Really? That doesn’t bother YOU? It should! While Mr. O has been busy downsizing services to soldiers and their families, and to veterans, he is now saying it’s ok to PAY illegals to be in our military? Where’s the logic? Seems to me he’s got tons of compassion for illegals and known terrorists, but not much for homegrown military people.

Yes, that makes me angry.

But I take issue with you that I am an angry woman. No one who knows me would agree with you. I also find it interesting that the first thing you chose to use as criticism was to attack my character. You need to think about that.

Did you know that rat poison is about 95% harmless? Only 5% is poison. It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad, either.

When our government school systems were first established, patriotism ran high and teachers were paid low. A sad thing for those dedicated, hardworking people, often single young women who were shunted around the district from one month to the next to board with families who had children in the school. But things went surprisingly well, and if you would look at what an 8th grade graduation exam was like back in, say, 1880, you’d be amazed at what those students could do. Our 8th-graders today would be hard-pressed to keep up with them. When school districts were run by the people in the district, things were pretty good. When the Federal government started to enter into the picture, we began to lose quality, and funding became a huge issue. I could go on about all this for a very long time, but I won’t. I would, however, like to encourage you to do some research into the history of education in America, and track how literate our high school seniors are today compared to 100 years ago. Government intervention almost always creates a deterioration in quality. That’s across the board, from business to manufacturing to education to child-rearing.

Please don’t use the postal service as an example of government success. They are constantly out of money, threatening to have to stop delivery on Saturdays, and demanding a great deal of unpaid overtime from their route people. The private sector would do a better job, no question about it.

You didn’t mention the health industry. I’m surprised. It’s Mr. Obama’s biggest “achievement” and it’s still not working very well. I work in the mental health field, and I can assure you that all of the regs that have come into play because of Obamacare have done nothing more than complicate our work. Doctors and nurses are retiring at a phenomenol rate because of Obamacare. It’s a mess.

So no, I’m sorry, socialism doesn’t answer these issues, never has, never will. For years, people around the world have come to America to get health care that is not available to them in their socialized-medicine countries. They won’t be doing that much longer.

I repeat: Having strong convictions is not synonymous with being an angry person. My disagreeing with you doesn’t mean I’m angry with you, or that I hate you, or that I want to lop off your head.

It means I disagree with you.

7 thoughts on “Response to a Comment

  1. Amen, Sister! You are right on the money. Our country, our values, our morals have been on the down slide and fallen stagnated in a deep dark pit for years, even before Obama, he is just escalating our decline. Other countries are laughing at us now. People like your negative commenter need to wake up! If we sound angry, I think we have earned the right to be. Doesn’t mean we will stay angry. It will just empower us that really want “Change” (O. famous word) – the RIGHT change. And we will overcome with love, grace, honor and integrity, as our Heavenly Father has taught us too, not anger.


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