I Love Fall!

Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?


Warmth, absolutely.  There’s nothing about Fall that I dislike except that it doesn’t last all year 🙂

I wish I could wear fall colors, but I can’t.  Oranges, forest green, gold, pumpkin, cinnamon–they’re not for me.  I do much better in the cool, clear contrasts of winter’s palette.  But I love the colors of fall, and the textures of fall clothing.  I love the smell of fall, when people are burning leaves and harvesting the last of their crops, turning over the earth to rest for the winter. I love the cool, crisp air; the lack of humidity is so pleasant!  The bugs are gone. You can actually enjoy going outdoors without looking for the mosquito spray, and even the bees are buzzing a little more slowly.  The colors of the flowers from summer are so intense, it’s as if someone flipped a giant electrical switch to power up the hues. I love fall flowers. Chrysanthemums abound here in the fall.

I love the activities that fall brings.  There’s an Apple Butter Frolic nearby where you can watch costumed workers cooking apple butter in huge kettles.  There are other old-timey crafts to observe as well, and the kids enjoy hayrides and pony rides, and playing in the maze made of bales of hay. In October, we’ll go to the Bacon Fest and drool over all the different kinds of bacon, relishes, jams and jellies, artisan breads, raw local honey, and much more. There is music, and there are little piglets that race around a track.

It’s perfect walking weather.  The summer sun has lost its power to melt you the minute you step outside. The breeze is fresh and bracing. There are probably more runners, walkers, and bikers going by on our road right now than there were all summer.

The sounds of nature seem to ramp up in the fall, too.  There are always frogs, crickets, and busy birds.  Squirrels seem to go manic, racing around the yard, chasing each other for the sheer joy of play. You do have to be careful in the fall as the deer yard up and seem to lose whatever amount of sense a deer has. They tend to like to cross the roads just at dusk, when it’s hard to see.  If one deer crosses in front of you, there are almost surely two or three more.  Lots of roadkill. Time to thin down the herd.

One of the things I love most is being able to shut off the air conditioning and open up the doors and windows. All the funky summer air gets pushed out, and things just seem fresher.  And i love having my bedroom window open at night so I can start piling on the covers. In a couple of months I’ll get my down comforter out again, and there is nothing more cozy and sleep-inducing than a good bed with puffy covers in a cool room filled with fresh air. I fall asleep to the rhythmic chirp of crickets and frogs.

I love it.



8 thoughts on “I Love Fall!

  1. I enjoy the fall to. I love to open my windows and feel the crisp air , I also love that that the only thing melting in the fall is the electric bill! I enjoyed this read fall is my favorite time of year as well.


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