Writer’s Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?


I can write these prompts every day, no problem.  I can easily write my other blog’s posts daily, no problem. The format is set for me, and I’m getting more and more traffic on both my blogs, so I feel pretty confident about doing prompts and daily posts.

Where I’m stuck, then, is on this book I’ve had swimming around in the bottomless sea of my brain for several years.  Maybe someone needs to give me an assignment each day so I have some accountability.  Maybe it’s my fear of failure or, even more scarey, success, that keeps me from moving forward.  I know what I want to say.  I just don’t seem to be able to pull my chair up to my computer desk and commence to saying it.  

Maybe it’s the size of the undertaking. Maybe it’s because I know before I start that my audience will be a targeted one, not the general public but those who have the same interest in spiritual things that I do. Maybe I’m just a procrastinater.  Maybe I’m just scared. Maybe I really DON’T have anything of interest to say.  Maybe it’s all been said before.

Whatever the maybe may be, I’m stuck. I THINK I want to be unstuck, but maybe I really don’t.  Maybe I’m just to lazy to put in the concentrated effort.

I just don’t know.

9 thoughts on “Stuck

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  3. Sounds like you’re not experiencing writer’s block, per se, but just need to get the ball rolling.

    I would suggest breaking your story into small chunks (blog-like chunks) so you’re not WRITING A BOOK. If it’s nonfiction, you could start an outline and voila, you’ve got individual assignments. If it’s fiction, it’s hard to outline first. Just work on getting the voice down and try to embrace the unknown.

    I was here once. I hadn’t delved into fiction writing since high school, so I didn’t know where to start. I decided to go to a writing workshop where I heard about a novel writing class at a local community college. I took that class and was surprised to find only one student who was college-aged. The others were anywhere from 30-80. Some worked for newspapers, others were editors, book doctors. It was perfect. I met people in the class and started a writing group. Now I have the right level of reading and writing and…DEADLINES! I have written a post recently about starting a writing group if you’re wondering how that works.

    Everyone in my writing group says they would not have written what they did in the past two years if it weren’t for our group. There’s always something else to get in the way. There always will be unless you have an amazing work ethic or people to hold you to task.


    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Ironically, I do have my material outlined and ready to go. There’s just always something else, as you say, that is more urgent. I’m still working three days a week as a counselor, and by the end of my three days I’m just about fried. I’m 67, not exactly a spring chicken, but still. It’s an excuse. Ok, so I do have a really good work ethic about most things. I need to apply to this ONE thing that I’ve let slide for way too long. Thank you. Stay tuned 🙂


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  5. mbjennings

    Have you thought about setting small goals for yourself, like many novelists do? Like a certain word count per day or week? Have a special writing calendar wherever you write, and use it to mark your progress. I totally understand about work-related obstacles though, especially work in a social services position where you’re dealing with people all the time (me, too — not looking forward to another term of 125 papers to grade every week).

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    1. I really appreciate the support and encouragement this post has engendered. Yes, I have thought about those small goals, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. For some reason, this is one project I just can’t seem to get kick-started. Here’s what I’m thinking right now, though, mostly because of the encouragement I’ve received here. I have four-day weekends, lucky me, and my tendency has been to use Friday as my lazy day to recover from my work week. I get very little done on Fridays! So tomorrow, I’m going to sit down and outline a plan of attack, and I’m going to commit one full hour to writing. If I go beyond that, all the better. I’m going to schedule writing time every day but Sunday, and then I’m going to ask my husband to honor that time and leave me strictly alone. And we’ll see.

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