Odd Trio Redux
Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.


Reenie ambled down the sidewalk, enjoying the balmy weather and taking her time, with no particular place to go. Gazing upward, absorbing the friendly sunshine and nearly dancing to the birdsong that filled the air, she didn’t see how the sidewalk buckled and cracked. 

The next thing she knew, Reenie was on her hands and knees. She wasn’t really hurt, but she was embarrassed.  Assessing the situation, she gained a sitting position and saw that the toe of her left flip-flop had  caught in the crack and sent her on her ignoble downard journey. 

“Lucky I didn’t break an ankle, or at least a toe,” she mumbled as she pulled the offending flip-flop out of the crack. As she yanked on the shoe,  she realized that the hole for the thong was now split to the toe. The sandal was no longer wearable. 

“Great!  Now what am I supposed to do?”  She stood, holding the broken flip-flop and trying to decide whether to continue her stroll or to just go back home. 

Along came old Mrs. Pruitt, who lived in the apartment across from Reenie’s. 

“Why, Reenie!  What happened, dear?  Are you hurt?”

“No, Mrs. P, I’m fine.  Just really embarrassed, and I broke my flip-flop, so I guess I’ll just go home and change shoes.”

“I was just heading back there myself, so let’s walk together. And be careful, dear, now that you have a bare foot. You never know what people are going to leave on the sidewalk!”

Reenie enjoyed Mrs. Pruitt. She wasn’t a boring old lady, nor was she doddering. She had a geat outlook on life, and was full of questions about everything around her. Reenie hoped, when she reached that age, that she would be a wise and cheerful as Mrs. P was. 

The two of them enoyed the pleasure of each other’s company as they strolled back toward their apartment building.  And, of course, as they neared the  block where they lived, Mrs. P invited Reenie up for tea–just as Reenie was hoping she would. 

“Sure, Mrs. P.  I’ll be right over.  Just let me go put on a different pair of shoes and I’ll be right back. Leave your door open, ok?”

Reenie unlocked her door, leaving it open, and ran to her bedroom. Slipping on a pair of sandals, she left the bedroom and saw, with utter horror, that there was a huge man standing inside her doorway.  Everything she’d ever been warned about, living in the city, rushed through her mind as they stood staring at each other. He wasn’t bad-looking, really, just so BIG! 

It seemed like hours passed as they gazed at each other.  Reenie couldn’t see anything on his face that told her what his intentions were. She tried to assess her chances of dodging around him, but his frame filled up the doorway. She thought about running through her small living room to the kitchen area and grabbing her chef’s knife, but she didn’t think she could move quickly enough to avoid the reach of those long arms. 

The stand-off had gone on long enough. “Wha—what—what do you want?” she squeaked. 

He grinned, realizing that he had just about scared her out of her wits. “Well, if you’re Reenie, Gram just asked me to step over here and invite you for lunch, not just tea.  Okay?  I’m Brett, by the way.  Gram gave me a key, so she was kind of startled when she came in and saw me.  Looks like I startled you, too.”

As the adrenaline left her body, Reenie felt weak in the knees. Her hands shook as she made her way to her sofa and sank into the cushions. She looked up at Brett, seeing the humor in his dark-chocolate eyes, and felt her system settle back to normal. 

“You scared me out of my mind!  Didn’t anyone ever teach you to knock?  Yes, sure, I’ll be glad to eat lunch with you and your gram, once the butterflies in my stomach move over and make room.  Will there be dessert?  Your gram makes the best chocolate cake in the world!”



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