Grown Up?

Adult Visions
As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?


Not even close.  

When I was a kid, it seemed to me that all adults knew everything.  There was nothing they couldn’t solve, nothing they didn’t know the answer to.  I thought my dad was The smartest, strongest, most fearless person in the world. I didn’t know he could make mistakes.  I really believed that when I was an adult, I’d be the same way.  No more fear, confusion, or being intimidated. 

Well. That was a nice fairy tale.  Of course my dad was just as capable of blunders as anyone else. I’ll always remember the first time I realized he wasn’t perfect.  He got lost in downtown Minneapolis, taking me to the dentist or the doctor, I don’t remember which.  We walked around the same area several times, with him peering at numbers above doorways on big city buildings. I wasn’t concerned until I started to recognize places we had already passed. We did find it, finally, but it was the first time I had to deal with the fact that my dad didn’t know everything.  And it was the first time I realized that maybe NOT all adults had all the answers all the time. 

I’ve learned that as we grow into maturity and finally into old age, the problems change with us. By God’s grace, we learn to cope with what each stage of life brings. And it is His wisdom that I rely upon, not my own. As a counselor, I know better than to trust my own intelligence. It is too easily influenced by personal opinions, likes and dislikes. 

As a child, I lived blissfully unaware of the dangers and troubles in this old world. By the time I was twelve or so, I’d begun to realize that  things weren’t as wonderful as I’d thought.  The good news is that each stage of life brings its own set of problems, but along with that comes its own set of joys. And growth.  Resting and trusting in God, knowing that He has it all figured out, gives me the peace of heart and mind to keep going forward. Day by day, step by step, with the peace that passes understanding that is promised to us in Philippians 4:4-8.


9 thoughts on “Grown Up?

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  2. Each life stage does indeed bring it’s own set of joys. I love that thought. Nothing is ever quite as imagined. It’s different, but hopefully equally good in it’s own way.


      1. Three children, two girls and one boy. I was only married for seven years. Raised my children on my own from the time they were 1, 3, and 5. Well, not really on my own 😉


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