But Wait. . . .and Wait. . . .

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Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.)


You’re asking for just ONE thing?  Please. I have a list longer than your arm of all the things I just didn’t get around to yet. The biggest one yet, though is my book.  A few years back, I even thought if I actually told people I was working on a book, it would motivate me to actually get to work. It did, for a little while.  I have a wholImagee chapter written.  That’s not a book, it’s a pamphlet.

But you wanted to know what’s keeping from doing it.  That’s easy. Fear.

“Fear of what?” you ask.

Another easy one. Rejection.  I go to all that work and not one single soul in the whole wide world will care. So I put it off.  I’m even using my writing blog here on WP as a way to keep from really writing. How dumb is that?  Anyway, here’s my list of what keeps me from moving ahead:

1. Fear of rejection

2. Fear of failure

3. Fear of criticism

4. I’m too old

5. I’m too old-fashioned

6. I’m a better editor than I am a writer. I preferred teaching grammar to teaching literature when I was an English teacher.

7. It’s already been done.

8. Fear of rewrites and edits. I don’t want to remake my creation.

9. Even if its ever published, no one will buy it. All printed books will go to that big failed book storage vault in the sky.

10. I will disappoint my family and friends if I do ever write it and no one will publish it.  I will disappoint them if I don’t ever write it.



8 thoughts on “But Wait. . . .and Wait. . . .

  1. Shelly Tennyson Taylor

    I was this same way.
    But when my mother died in September of 2012 I realized that I had been looking at it all wrong. I finally decided I wanted to write for me and no one else. Well, I mean hopefully one day someone will want to buy and read my stuff but that isn’t what got me writing. I finished my first draft by May of 2013 – Although it took another year for editing and polishing.
    But now I have a completed manuscript I am actively seeking an agent for.

    Yeah, it is scary.. But I can tell you from experience you will feel much better just facing your fears and writing your story!

    Best of luck! Shelly


  2. I relate so well to what you have written. Yes, the above comment is great, do it for you. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, it will satisfy that inner need. I’ve just been reading about JKRowling, and how she wrote just for herself…. and her work wasn’t taken up immediately either.


  3. As though God took your pen, my ink and our hearts and wrote this today, for me, specifically. I am a spoken word performance poet, I have a connection with a major publisher and I have avoided, do avoid and may continue to avoid pursuing for each and every one of those fear factors listed. When I perform this poetry in small venues, the audience prompts and encourages me to publish. Sounds good and inspires me at that moment. Then, I come back to my studio or home and the air seems different – oppressive, suppressive, depressive. It’s as though I take the ff list, post it in front of me and say to self: “THIS is why you couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t publish”. Feelings are NOT facts but it IS a fact that these feelings, allowed to dance around me, seem to take on a life of their own, and so it goes.
    I’ve heard that the acronym FEAR stands for False Expectations Appearing Real… I obviously buy into that. “Perfect love casts out Fear” I pray I begin to truly believe that. Thanks for your blog today. I trust that I will make it make a true difference and move forward.


    1. Bunny, I SO feel your pain 🙂 I’m very comfortable in any public speaking venue. I do women’s seminars and conferences every now and then, and of course I love to teach God’s Word. I think part of my enjoyment in that arena is the immediate response/feedback factor. It sort of helps keep me juiced, you know? But writing–well, that’s a horse of a different color. More personal, somehow, and my glibness in speaking doesn’t always come across that way when I write.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your comment and encouragement.


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