Post Script

(Assignment for Day Five:You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.)

I stood with the letter in my hand, stunned by my discovery. The single page flapped in the wind, and I tightened my grip. After all this time, all this wondering, I wouldn’t lose it! The question now?  What to do next. Whether or not to do anything at all.

How did it end up there on the path?  Unopened, so my secret was safe from everyone else except the writer. The mystery writer. No return address.  No post office stamp. Someone local? Someone who had traveled a distance only to discover the letter had been lost somewhere?  Was the writer watching me now, enjoying my confusion and fear? Or was he himself full of confusion and fear, wondering where the letter was and who would find it?

Whoever it was, he knew. He knew what had happened, and he knew my complicity. The letter was clearly addressed to me. The facts were stated in horrifying clarity. Perhaps the most troubling thing of all was that there was no threat, no blackmail demand. Just someone saying, “I know who you are. I saw what you did. I know where you live.”

And that’s all.



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