Student, Teacher

(Daily Post: This week, teach us something—or share something you’ve been taught with the class.)

What is teaching, anyway?  Doesn’t the teacher have to learn before he can teach?

How do you prepare to teach anyone anything?  Must you be an expert yourself, at whatever you’re teaching, before you can effectively teach others?

What is the point of teaching?  What is the point of learning?  Do we need teachers in order to learn?  Can’t learning be independently done without the guidance of a teacher?

And when does the student become the tImageeacher, and the teacher the student?

Aren’t we all teachers?  Don’t we all teach someone something during every moment that we interact with others?  And even in our solitude, we are both learning and teaching. How are we learning?  How are we teaching?

Is not life just a journey to knowledge and understanding of life itself?

3 thoughts on “Student, Teacher

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