Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario

(Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?)

One of the things life has taught me is that this, too, shall pass.  Of course there are all kinds of horrific things that can happen to any of us on any given day.  I have clients in my counseling office who spend a lot of time worrying about all the horrors that could land on them.  It’s a waste of time and energy, of course, and my job is to help them refocus on more productive way of thinking.  One of my favorite videos to share with these clients is Bob Newhart’s Stop It!  We all need to watch it now and then 🙂

I try to live in a common sense way.  That means I take care of the business of the day, and make plans as far ahead as possible so I’m not caught short.  It works pretty well most of the time. You can’t plan for the totally unexpected, so my plan for that is to roll with it and enjoy it if it’s good; endure until it’s over and make the best of what’s not so good.

The worst thing that could happen to me today, then, is that I don’t put the finishing touches on  my outline for a speaking engagement I have tomorrow.   I would be SO embarrassed to be caught unprepared!  However, since I’ve been thinking about this talk for several weeks now, I’m pretty sure I could wing it without anyone knowing the difference.

That’s not so horrible, is it? I don’t think I’ll be caught with egg on my face. 

I’d rather focus on the best-case scenario, actually.  And that would be that everything goes perfectly tomorrow.  I have to drive about an hour, in territory I’m not familiar with. I have my Google map all printed out; I have a full tank of gas; I’ve talked with a couple of friends who drive that way fairly often, and I think I’ll be ok.  I like to be prepared, remember?

I’m working on taking up the hem of a new dress.  I’m only 4’11” tall, and I got a maxi-dress. Of course, I have to eliminate about eight inches of it. There’s a really cool border on the dress that I don’t want to lose, so I’m doing some fancy fixing farther up the skirt. We’ll see.

I have a back-up dress if I don’t get it done 🙂

Best-case is that the drive will go smoothly, the talk will go well, the lunch will be delicious. I won’t spill anything down the front of my new dress, and I’ll drive home feeling wonderful.  Yes!  I like that!



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario

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  4. “This too shall pass, ” is one of my all time favorite phrases and one I use unreservedly on a regular basis. It is reaffirming and reassuring that “nothing” last forever and I can do anything, survive anything, if only for a while. Thanks for sharing.

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