Daily Prompt: The Last Thing That Made Me Mad

Um. Well now.  Let me think.  Twenty or thirty years ago, this would have been easier.  I had a shorter fuse back then.  These days, I don’t see red very often.  It’s just not worth the time or energy.

Ok, I’ve got it.  Recenlty I had a couple in my office for marital counseling. The man’s vocabulary was full of profanity and foul language.  I despise the profanity in particular because I love God, and hearing His Name taken in vain in painful to me. There is no excuse for it, in my never-to-be-humble opinion. People who stoop to this type of language need to develop a closercussing relationship with their dictionaries.

Crudity is just not okay.  I know, I know.  Everyone  Many people use four-letter-words freely these days, and no one thinks anything of it.  I don’t think much of it either.

Words mean things.  Angry, profane, foul words are very powerful words.  The negative energy is overwhelming.  I finally stopped my client and asked him courteously to please refrain from cursing and swearing in my office.  He was stunned.  No one, apparently, had ever called him on it before.  Yay, me!  He apologized and admitted that he didn’t know if he could talk without cursing.  After all, he works with a crew of 15-20 men every day who all use such language.  He’s done it all his life.  It’s how he grew up.  He didn’t even know that anyone was offended by it these days. His wife swears too, you know. Yadayada.

I thanked him for the apology, and told him I was very serious.  “If you can’t speak without using God’s Name, then I’m not sure I can work with you,”  I said.

Again he was amazed.

The good news is that he’s doing a lot better.  With the reduction of bad language, there is also a notable reduction of anger.

How about that.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Last Thing That Made Me Mad

  1. Becky Frederick

    This is so true of our society in general. What happened to never using foul language at least in front of women?! Fortunately in a school environment for my work I have very little problem with that.


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